All I Need Is Love

“You deserve better, Claire. You know that right?” Harry said.
I thought about that for a second. And without looking into his eyes, I responded.
“I guess I just accepted it because I thought I deserved it,” I took a deep breath as I felt the tears start to form. “But I just can’t believe I lost him.”
He scooted a little closer to me, so that our knees were touching.
“Answer me this. How could you lose something that you never even had?” he said softly.
Now I looked at him.
“That’s why it hurts so much. Because I stood there and made him my everything, when in reality, he treated me like nothing. And I lost myself trying to hold on to someone who didn’t really care about losing me.”


5. First Date

He looked handsome. He was wearing a black tuxedo and really expensive shoes. He even did his hair. I looked at the clock- 6:01. And he was on time. Whereas I was in skinny jeans, a flowy shirt that said “I love America”, and toms. At least I had curled my hair and did my make-up.

He looked me up and down with a disgusted look on his face.

“You’re wearing……that?” he gestured to my outfit.

“I said ‘look nice’. Not look rich. We’re not going to meet the queen, you know.”

“Well we wouldn’t have to….because I’ve already done that,” he said with a smirk as he led me to his fancy car (which was worth like a million dollars).

“You’re driving,” Harry said as he threw the keys at me.

“It’s your car! Be a gentlemen and drive!”

“We agreed to fake date, that doesn’t mean I have to like you. Plus I don’t know where you are taking me,” he said getting in on the passenger side.

If I’m being honest, I didn’t know where I was taking him either. So I got in the car and settled on the first thing that popped into my mind.

“I’m sure the workers at KFC will absolutely love your tux,” I said and drove off right before Harry tried to escape the car.

When we arrived at KFC there was a million paparazzi who all had cameras ready to blind us.

“Hold my hand,” Harry mumbled so only I could hear.


“Hold it!”


He grabbed my hand and I slapped it away.

“What a cute couple!” one of the paparazzi shouted.

I smiled and then gave Harry a mean look as we walked inside.

“Why didn’t you hold my hand?! You’re gonna ruin everything,” he said.

“You’ve already ruined everything by coming up with this stupid idea!”

“It’s not my fault you agreed,” he said while walking over to a booth.

I mumbled something under my breath.

“What was that? Did I just hear victory for me?” he cupped his ear.

I pushed him over hard. He sat up and pushed me back. Then I pushed him again. We could’ve gone on and on like this until I heard a waiter clear his throat.

“Oh, sorry,” I said while sitting down.

“Yeah she’s feisty. Especially in the bedroom,” Harry said with a wink.

I let out a small laugh as I felt my cheeks start to burn. “He-he’s just kidding.”

“No I’m not. You know sometimes she even-“

“Shut up!” I screamed.

The waiter just looked at us, pen in hand, wide-eyed. “You know what? I’ll just come back for your order later.” He said and ran away before we could say something else.

“Great. Look what you’ve done,” Harry said.

My blood started to boil inside of me. I can’t do this every day.

“Harry, I’m not gonna take your shit anymore,” I finally looked at him. “You either be nice to me or I’m leaving.”

“Look I’m just trying to do the things that real boyfriend/girlfriends do. You’re the one that pulls away, if you haven’t noticed. So stop blaming me for everything.”

He was right. I am pulling away from him. But it’s just so hard to even pretend to be close to someone who bullies me.   

“Whatever,” I shook my head.

The rest of the “date” was silent. We were sitting on opposite sides of the booth, just eating our chicken like strangers. We didn’t even look at each other. It’s like he wasn’t even there, like I was all alone.

The ride to my house was the same way- silent. But when we got to my house, Harry finally spoke up.

“Louis and Eleanor are having a pool party tomorrow night. I told the rest of the boys about you, and they all want to meet you. So I’ll pick you up around 2:00,” He said, still not looking at me. “Oh and….just….don’t rub it in Niall’s face. He doesn’t know it’s you, yet.”

And then I got out of his car and escaped inside my house without a word.

Niall doesn’t know about this yet. Will he be devastated? Or will he be happy? Or maybe he’ll just feel nothing at all.

I got into my pj’s and sat down on my bed. I thought about……everything. How long will this whole thing with me and Harry last? Will Niall like me in the end? What will this lead to? Will the rest of the boys be happy about this? I couldn’t fall asleep. My mind was flowing with questions and thoughts and what-ifs. So I put in my earplugs and listened to the wise words of Ed Sheeran, only to fall asleep hours after my playlist was repeated thousands of times.

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