The First Time I Felt Loved

Never would've thought I would've fallen for someone like Louis Tomlinson....... Started out as a great music prgram but soon turned into a quick romance...... Maybe to much romance and not enough music


1. The First Glance

I hugged my best friend Annie goodbye. This was goona be the first year that we weren't gonna be together. Annie talked me into taking an amazing music oppertunity to work with Ond Direction for a year. After five minutes they called my flight. I gave Annie one last hug and headed to the gate that says "London 1A". I turned around one last time as the man was looking at my ticket and I waved one las time to Annie. The man gave me my ticket back and let me through the door and got to my seat. The last thing I said was "Goodbye America, and hello London." and I sat in my and I put my head back and sighed. After five minutes I looked at the person who sat next to me and little did I realize that it was Louis Tomlinson from One Direction who had taken a seat right next to me. Then a couple minutes later the plane started to take off i quickly looked around me and then i faced foreward and within two minutes I fell asleep in my seat. Within twenty-four hours my plane landed in London. When the man on the intercom started talking I felt myself jump outta my skin and I sat up for the rest of the way. Then the fight attendant says "Hello passangers, we have offically landed in London, please fasten ur seatbelts and please don't move until we have landed completly on the ground. And thankyou for flying with us today". About one or two minutes later I was able to get up and grab my carry-on from the shelfabove the seats. As I got up I said to the man sitting next to me "Excuse me" and as I was scootching past him I looked up and realized I became face to face with Louis Tomlinson. After I looked into Louis's eyes for about 30 seconds he said "Go ahead love." and I said smiled and said "thankyou." and I got by him and I tried to reach for my bag from above the seats but I wasn't tall enough to get it. Louis was sitting in his seat and he looked over to me and saw me struggling to get my bag and he immediatly got up and come to my side and grabbed my bag. But before I could say "thankyou." or anything else around those lines he immediatly shot me a question, which was "will you go out with me friday night?'. And all I could say was "yes. I would love to." and I smiled at him. Then when I went to exsit the plane he was walking by my side and i couldnt help but blush.

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