Live Like a Warrior

Rena Sky has always dreamed of giving people a reaosn to remember her name. When she was still living in Canada, she didnt think it would be possible. But then there was her 7th grade friend, Justin, who would give her hope.
4 years later, Rena finds herself doing what she loves for no cost. And also finds herself in California where she runs into the one person she thought she would never see again.
Join in the story of Rena Sky's incredible journey to her dream, and discover who started it all.


9. Rena Sky

About 10 minutes later, I found myself laying across an uncomfortable bench with an ice pack pressed to the side of my head, downing a couple of pain reliever pills. So far, this concert isn't making a very good impression on me. 

"Oh Rena I'm so sorry. This was all my fault." Tammie said repeatedly even after I've told her multiple times that it wasn't her fault. I blame the hormones of teenage girls. 

"Common Tammie, it was not your fault. Plus I'm okay now if that helps your guilty conscience." I reply. "Oh and we got into the building! And we didn't even need the tickets." 

We were sitting in the main hallway of the Staples Center watching grownups rush frantically around trying to prepare themselves for when the doors open. There was one security guard standing next to us to make sure I was okay and that we wouldn't go running off to explore the rest of the building. 

"Yeah but I just can't help it. This reminds me of that time you fell off the monkey bars last year."

"Okay now that was your fault. But this is completely different so stop tearing yourself down for something you didn't do. Now enjoy the fact that you're going to see Justin Bieber in a couple of hours. So what if they kick us out of here once my eye feels remotely better." I said with as much enthusiasm I could muster up. Though I wasn't looking forward to the part where we're kicked out. 

"You're right, Rena. So what!" Tammie stands up abruptly while pumping her first in the air.

"Um Tammi-" 

"SO THE FREAK WHAT!" and in a flash, Tammie takes off running toward the arena where the stage is located at. I stared at my friend with my jaw to the ground. The security guard that was standing next to me took off after her leaving me there by myself. After a couple of seconds in shock, I burst out laughing even though it did hurt my head like hell.


We're definitely gonna be kicked out now. 



Okay so I know this chapter is short and it sucks but I'm working on it. It's hard to pick up this story haha

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