Live Like a Warrior

Rena Sky has always dreamed of giving people a reaosn to remember her name. When she was still living in Canada, she didnt think it would be possible. But then there was her 7th grade friend, Justin, who would give her hope.
4 years later, Rena finds herself doing what she loves for no cost. And also finds herself in California where she runs into the one person she thought she would never see again.
Join in the story of Rena Sky's incredible journey to her dream, and discover who started it all.


6. Rena Sky

"Ok guys, we're here." Kylie said while turning off the engine. As expected, no one moved. Partly because Tammie and Ronnie were still asleep and kylie looked pretty exhaughsted from driving for the long period of time. So i opened my car door and hopped out, stretching my arms and legs. When i looked back nobody else moved so i walked over to Ronnie's door and opened it. Her body fell out but she woke up just in time to catch herself.

"Jeez, thanks for the wake up call." she mummbled.

"That just proves you weren't wearing your seatbelt." I said with a smirk. Ronnie just struck out her tounge at me. I went over to Tammie's door and did the same thing, Since she was wearing a seatbealt, she was caught halfway by a violent jerk.

"Ouch!" she yelled.

"sorry" i said while offering a hand to help her up. Tammie looked up at me and said "Thanks but i think im good." she then unbuckled herself which lead to her falling out of the car and right smack on the ground.

"Woah clutz, next time you better get up before you unbuckled" i said with a giggle.

"Haha, very funny." she said also giggling. I helped her up and we got our lugage out of the trunk with no help from Kylie, may i add. She just sat their staring at nothing in particular really with her hands still on the wheel.

"Uh, you ok there Ky?" I asked her. She snapped out of her spell and let go of the wheel. "Yeah, just tired."

i nodded and turned to make my way towards the house. Ann and Drake (her husband and my uncle) are both doctors, Ann in physology and Drake a surgon. So they get paid really good. Which explains the beautiful house standing right before me. The front had a deck with some pottery on the ground and a padio swing to the side that had some amazing artwork painted on it. Trimmed bushes covered some of the railing while the rest of it was grass that made up the lawn. To the side was a long drive way with 3 cars already parked, not including ours. Sure, it doesn't sound as impressive in writing but only if you could see it with your eyes...

i dragged my suitcase up the concrete pathway to the steps leading on the poarch. The front door for some reason was wide open, giving me a glimpse of the entry hallway.

"RENA!" i heard a tiny voice squeal. My little cousin, Adurey, appeared in the hallway with her little arms opened wide, running at top speed right towards me. I let go of my suitcase and kneel down with my arms opened she Adurey can run right into them.

"I've missed you so much" I say when she's finally in my arms.

"You have boobies now." She says. I pull back from her and look at her a good second before bursting into laughter.

"And you're taller now." i lightly poke her nose and stand up.

"Hey Rena."

I look back up and see my only boy cousin, Jake, standing there with his arms open.

"Hey jakey." i say and give him a hug. "You're, what, 16 now?" i ask him.

"You got it." he said laughing. I get a good look at him and may i say, im impressed. He's about 5 inches taller than me with his hair swept to the side and some muscles showing through his rust color shirt.

"Jeez, you've obviosly been in the gym a lot." i say whith a whistle.

"Yea, man it's hard texting while doing bench presses!" he claims. I look at him with my head sideways and say "Wow, multitasker."

"anyways, Jake, Audrey, this is my friend Tammie." i say while gesturing to Tammie behind me who gives a wave.

"she's pretty." udrey whispers to jake loud enough for all of us to hear.

"And your beautiful" Tammie says with a smile on her face. Audrey blushes and hides behind Jake.

"sorry, she's shy to strangers." Jake says to Tammie.

"no worries." she replies.

"Jeez guys, this is the 5th time you've forgotten about me." a new voice interrupts. I turn around and see my other cousin, Erin.

"Maybe it's because they forgot about me too." Kylie says now finally making it to the porch.

"Jeez guys, forgetting about the elderly!" Erin says. WE all laugh at her joke while kylie shouts "hey!" to be heard over the noise.

I hug Erin and whisper in her ear "Happy late Birthday." she smiles at me and says, "Only 4 years behind you now."

"you spoke too early, my birthday is very close." I step out of her way and introduce Tammie. While evrybody is still hugging away, i see movement in the corner of my eye. I turn and see my last cousin, Cassie, leaning on the door frame watching us.

"Hey Cassie." i say with a wave. She waves back before she turns around and climbs up the stairs. Huh.

Cassie is my age except a little younger than me. What i remeber from 3 years ago was the most lovable girl you could meet. I wonder what happened.

"My mom and dad aren't home right now but they'll be back in an hour or so." Jake says. "But we have you rooms ready. Aufrey, can you esscort Rena and Miss Tammie to their room?"

Audrey nods her head and takes my hand, leading me into the house. Tammie follows close behind but picks up my suitcase before coming inside the house. We were taken up the stairs to the second floor where i was pretty sure we would be sharing the tiny guest bedroom as a joke. But Audrey turned the corner and lead us to another flight of staris that lead up into the only third story room.

"Enjoy"' she says befor eshe scrambles out the room.

I would admire the the bedsheets and dresser and flat screen tv hanging up on the wall but something else caught my eye. A huge pile of Justin Bieber merchandise laid in the middle of the room with a card ontop. I walk over and pick up the card to read it while tammie squeals and starts rummaging through the stuff.

the card read:


Dear girls, we heard you guys were big fans so as a welcoming gift, we thought you might enjoy a little Bieber. Oh and your tickets are hidden in the pile :)

-Ann and Drake


I close the card and look again at the pile. Oh great, now another reminder of the boy i used to know


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