Live Like a Warrior

Rena Sky has always dreamed of giving people a reaosn to remember her name. When she was still living in Canada, she didnt think it would be possible. But then there was her 7th grade friend, Justin, who would give her hope.
4 years later, Rena finds herself doing what she loves for no cost. And also finds herself in California where she runs into the one person she thought she would never see again.
Join in the story of Rena Sky's incredible journey to her dream, and discover who started it all.


4. ✨ Rena Sky

My alarm clock ruins my beauty sleep like any other regular day. The only difference is that in less than 24 hours ill have seen juju. That's crazy. "Wake up Tammie." I say shaking her. "Bleh." She mumbles back. I try shaking her again but she doesn't budge. I sigh and use my last resource. "Your seeing Justin Bieber today..."
"So when are we leaving?" Tammie asks, rubbing her eyes after she shot straight up from her sleeping position. "Umh probably in like 20 minutes? So get your butt up." I say. Tammie slides off my bed and walks over to her overnight bag in the corner. " imma go put the suitcases in the car. See ya in the kitchen." She then walks out of my room dragging along her humongous bag. I laugh and fix my bed trying to wake up a little. But then I realized that I'm probably just gonna go back to sleep once we get moving so I leave myself yawning and eyes drooping. Once I'm done, I check real quick to see if I forgot anything but there's not a single thing I see. Typical. I walk out of my doorway and turn back to face my room. I give the wall a quick kiss and shut the door. Who knows what could happen in L.A. 
I go into our bathroom and stare at myself in the mirror. Light brown hair, naturally tanned skin, grey eyes, cheekbones obvious. I smile at that accomplishment. Lift up my plain navy blue shirt and turn to the side to look at my stomach in the mirror. My hands lay on top of  it and push in, creating my dream body for a few seconds. I sigh and decide that eating breakfast will just make it worse. I put my hair into a messy bun and walk out and into the kitchen. 
"Morning Rena." Kylie says. I look up at her and see she's still in her pjs like everyone else. "Morning" I respond. "You ready to go? Because we're just waiting on you. 
" she says. "Yep, lets get some fresh California air." I say. 
I walk out of the front door and close my eyes, breathing in and out before I slowly lower myself into the car. The engine starts as I lay my head on the window and close my eyes dreaming about all the possibilities.


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