Live Like a Warrior

Rena Sky has always dreamed of giving people a reaosn to remember her name. When she was still living in Canada, she didnt think it would be possible. But then there was her 7th grade friend, Justin, who would give her hope.
4 years later, Rena finds herself doing what she loves for no cost. And also finds herself in California where she runs into the one person she thought she would never see again.
Join in the story of Rena Sky's incredible journey to her dream, and discover who started it all.


2. Rena Sky

I followed the small hallway that lead to the kitchen which was honestly only about 10 feet away. My auntie Kylie worked as an office assistant at a local magazine company which unfortunetly didnt end up giving us enough money as we hoped. But lately, I've been in a dance group with 7 of my friends for about three years now. We started at rock bottom but made our way to the top with ending up dancing at big events to raise money for our studio and we actually flew to New York, NY to be featured on the Today Show. Of course, there's a lot in-between things like winning competions and being youtube hits but we consider our fan base the biggest accomplishment of all. Who knew strangers would like our hip-hop style.

"Hey Rena." Kylie says as i walk into the kitchen. The smell of tomato sauce fills my nostrals as my legs literally make their way over to the stove where speghetti and meat balls are waiting for me. "Hey Ky." i reply, "Everything looks absolutelty perfect." i say as i dump some noodles onto my plate. "Oh please, your just saying that." she says. i sit down at our small wooden table scooted against the wall. i take a bite of the food and make a sound of satisfaction. "This taste like God's food." I mumble. "Oh really? because your sister said the same thing." i look up at Ky who has her eyebrows rased. "Uh like they they say, sisters before misters." Ky laughs then says "That has absolutley nothing to do with what we were talking about."

"exactly." i respond. She shakes her head and i take another bite.

"So i talked with Ann today. You guys wont believe what she offered us." I push my food around the plate as Ronnie says "Oh please, i wouldn't be surprised." i laugh at her comment and continue with my food. "Bet you five bucks." Ky says. "Deal." Ronnie replies and leans over the table to shake hands on it. "We're going to a Justin Bieber concert."

i immedietly start to choke on my food while Ronnie screams like there's no tomorrow.

"you girls ok?" Ky literally yells. She then clapses her hands over Ronnie's mouth so her screaming isn't so loud. I pick up a glass of water and gulp it down trying to control my coughing.  How can this happen? I know it'd be great to see him but after all this time? We've both probably changed too much to notice each other. Well, maybe an exception of me considering he's Justin Bieber. "OH MY GOD KYLIE I FREAKING LOVE YOU!" Ronnie yells as she gets up and starts to run around the house. Ky laughs then looks at me. "you ok?" she asks. i nod my head and look up at her, "just really surprised, that's all." i say. "I think it'll be nice to see him after all." she says. I look back to make sure Ronnie wasn't too close but she was too busy bouncing off the walls in the tiny living room. "Hopefully just see him, not the other way around." i say softly. Ky frowns as Ronnie comes back in the room. "When is it?" she asks. "It's in two days but it's not a full-time concert. just a thirty minute one because from what Ann told me, he's just performing a few songs to permote his new album." Ky responds. Ronnie squeals thens turns to me. "I cant believe this is happening! Now you might actually become a belieber Rena!" i smile at her then say "Eh, Bieber isn't really me. But im excited too." right after i say that, the door bell rings. Tammie.

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