Live Like a Warrior

Rena Sky has always dreamed of giving people a reaosn to remember her name. When she was still living in Canada, she didnt think it would be possible. But then there was her 7th grade friend, Justin, who would give her hope.
4 years later, Rena finds herself doing what she loves for no cost. And also finds herself in California where she runs into the one person she thought she would never see again.
Join in the story of Rena Sky's incredible journey to her dream, and discover who started it all.


3. Author's note

Hellooo! i know i haven't posted in such a long time, it's absolutely crazy. But i want to know if anyone is actually reading the story so i have an acuse to come and write new chapters everyday? thxs guys ( if you're even here)

love yaa. mesa

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