Do it all over again

Alyssa's life looks great to everyone. But inside, she's heart broken... Since two years, the hole in her stomach wouldn't leave. He left with the half of her heart, and broke the rest into pieces after a month of fame. And Harry has only two months to fix it, or else he will lose her forever...


3. The lake

I've been woken up by the smell of eggs and bacon. I got out of my room and walked down to the kitchen. Harry was there, cooking breakfast. My mom and Anne where outside.

"Hey Aly" Harry said.

"Hi" I smiled. I looked down at what he was doing. "Are you really cooking?" I asked.

"Yeah, I've learn a lot those years you know. Here's your plate." He held me plate with two eggs and a ton of bacon.

"How do you know how I cook my eggs?" I asked, stunned.

"Memory, Aly, memory" he answered, smiling. I smiled, pushed his head and sat on the counter on the other side of the kitchen.

"If you think you'll gonna win me back with eggs and bacon, you're off the mark, Curly" I laughed.

"We'll see that! And by the way, today, you're coming with me." He said.

"Oh really? Where?" I asked.

"At the lake, duh, where do you want us to go?" He laughed. I threw him a bacon strip.

"No food fight in my kitchen!" Anne said, getting in, followed by my mom.

"What are you doing today?" My mom asked. "You won't stay stuck in here, right?"

"No" I laughed. "Harry is takes me to the lake" I said.

"Great! Have fun kids!" Anne said with a wink to Harry. Our mothers got back out with their food. I looked at Harry. We both laughed.

"I swear, I don't know why she did that!" He said. I shook my head and climbed the stairs.

"15 minutes!" He screamed. I ran in my room and put my favorite swimsuit under a pair of light blue jean short and a purple tank top. I tied my hair in a loose bun and join Harry downstairs. He was waiting for me. He had a white V-neck with a swimsuit and a big beach bag.

"Ready?" he asked. I nod and we leaved. We walked silently through the small forest. When we got at the lake, there was nobody around. Harry took a blanket out of his bag and placed it on the ground. We sat on it.

"I forgot how it was beautiful here" I said.

"Me too. We used to come here everyday of the summer, before." Harry said. I smiled.

"Yeah... Do you remember when you ran after me with a frog in your hands?" I asked, laughing.

"Yes! Or the day it was raining anf we played in the mud?" He laughed too.

"Our moms where so mad! My pink shirt was like, brown and my hair were full of clay!" I added, seeing myself full of mud again.

"We looked like pigs." Harr said. I sighed.

"I miss those times. You know, when everything was so easy. No drama, no problems. All that was important was us." I whispered. I laid my head on Harry's shoulder. He started playing with my hair.

"Me too." He whispered back. "But we can make new memories" he said, taking me in his arms and getting up.

"What? Put me down, Harry!" I screamed, knowing too well what he was goinf to do. He ran to the lake and jumped in it. I screamed as my skin touched the cold water and he let me down.

"I hate you!" I laughed, throwing him water. We fought in the water during a little while. I jumped on his back and we both fell, sitting in the lake. He laughed and I pushed him.

"You're stupid" I said.

"I know" he said. I laughed.

"That's the reason why I missed you, Haz" I said. He smiled and got closer.

"I'm sorry. again." He said, wrapping his arm around me. I laid my head on his shoulder again. He laid his head on mine. We passed the rest of the day swimming and talking. Like when we were kids.


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