Do it all over again

Alyssa's life looks great to everyone. But inside, she's heart broken... Since two years, the hole in her stomach wouldn't leave. He left with the half of her heart, and broke the rest into pieces after a month of fame. And Harry has only two months to fix it, or else he will lose her forever...


1. Summer time

"Bye! Have a nice summer!" I screamed to my bestie, Abby. High school was finally finished, and we were leaving for the summer vacations. I got in the car and threw my bag behind.

"Nice day?" My mom asked.

"Yeah. Everyone was really excited for this summer" I answered.

"About that... We'll pass the summer at the lake house." She said.

"Which lake house?" I asked, confused.

"Anne's one. And... Harry will be there." She answered. My heart skipped a beat.

"I dont go there for sure" I said.

"Oh yes you will! We leave tonight, so be ready."

I sighed and rested my head on the window. Harry. Yes, Harry Styles. The Harry Styles. The one and only! The curly guy. The oh so beautiful guy. The singer with an awesome voice. The guy that let her best friend behind because of the fame. And now he's back. To "take him away from his tough life" his mom said. The thing is... I thought we could be more than just friends. But I guess he never wanted to. I packed my bags, thinking about all the stupid things we did together.

"Honey, are you ready? We have to leave now!" My mom screamed from downstairs. I wipped the tears away and grabbed my suitcase.

It was definitely going to be a rough summer.

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