Crazy for You

Hey guys! I know most of my stories are in your POV, but I just think that Ariana Grande and Justin would be the cutest couple ever!

Plot: They meet each other at a red carpet event. Apparently they have a lot in common. They quickly become best friends. Turns out, one of them likes the other. They are afraid what the other person thinks of them though. They finally toughen up and tell the other person. Who is it? What does the other person say? Read to find out!


12. That's fine...unless


I wake up to see Ari's beautiful face. She yawned and woke up.

"Morning beautiful," I say to her.

"Morning babe," she says.

She kisses me and rolls on top of me. I was grabbing her waist and she was playing with my hair. Damn I'm lucky. I think I should tell her what happened with Amanda last night.

"Listen babe,"

"Yeah?" she says.

"Last night when I said nothing happened, I was lying. We madeout and she gave me her number." I said.

"Oh that's fine, unless you enjoyed it," she said.

I didn't know what to say. I just sat there. She started to tear up, and I still had nothing to say.

"That slut always ruins my life!" she screams and ran into the bathroom.

"Ari please open up! Yes I enjoyed it a little, but you're my girl and no one will ever change that!"

"Yeah except Amanda Fucking Kelley."

"No, Ari she does that to all guys. I guarantee. YOU are my girl, even if right now I'm not your guy, you will ALWAYS be MY girl. I love you," I say.

"I love you too, but I just need some time alone..."

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