Crazy for You

Hey guys! I know most of my stories are in your POV, but I just think that Ariana Grande and Justin would be the cutest couple ever!

Plot: They meet each other at a red carpet event. Apparently they have a lot in common. They quickly become best friends. Turns out, one of them likes the other. They are afraid what the other person thinks of them though. They finally toughen up and tell the other person. Who is it? What does the other person say? Read to find out!


27. Last Kiss


Shit! I forgot to call my manager, Kayla!

"Hey Kayla," I say.

"Hey Ari, what's up? I was just about to call you."

"I just got an amazing offer that I can't refuse."

"That's weird, so did I."

"Selena Gomez wants me to be her opening act!" I say.

"Oh, well you know your boyfriend Justin? His manager just called me and informed me that they are going on a second tour to different cities and need an opening act," Kayla says.

"Nonononono! We just broke up! And it was not good." I say.

"Sweetie, look. Who do you think is more famous?"

"Justin," I say sadly.

"Who is gonna have more people show up?"

"Justin," I say with the same tone.

"Who is gonna make us more money?"


"Exactly," she says.

"But I already told Selena that I could, and she's like my best friend!" I say.

"Look Ari, I'm your manager and I have to do what's best for you!"

"And what's best for me is to go on tour with Selena!" 

"No, look Ari. Either you go on tour with Justin with my as your manager, or you go on tour with Selena without me. Your choice," she says. Ugh she's such a bitch, but she's the best manager ever.

"How many more days before Justin leaves?" I ask

"6. Make a decision Ari. And make it fast," she says and hangs up. 

I just wanted to scream! I know going with Justin is what I should do, but it's not what I want to do. I turned my car around and headed back to Justin's house. There was another car in the driveway. I recognized it but can't remember who it belongs to.

I knock on the door.

"It's open!" Justin says.

I walk in and see Justin and Selena talking. They both had mixed emotions, I could tell.

"Ari!" Sel gets up and hugs me.

"I need to talk to both of you," I say.

"We need to talk to you too," Justin says.

"Ok you guys go first," I say.

"Look Ari, I would love to have you as an opening act, but once I cleared the air with Justin and talked about what would be best for you, we agreed that you should go on tour with Justin, I can find another opening act very easily. Everything will be ok," Selena says.

"Phew, I'm glad you said that Sel, because I was about to tell you that I think I should go on tour with Justin," I say with relief in my voice. 

Justin looks excited.

"Well I gotta go find another opening act somehow," Selena says. I hug her.

"Good luck Selena, I love you so much. Thank you for everything," I say.

"Love you too Ari, see you soon hopefully," she says and walks out the door.

Great. Now it's just me and Justin. He broke the 2 minute awkward silence.

"Ari, can we please talk?" 

"There's nothing to say," I say.

"Yes, there's a lot to say actually," Justin says.

"Ok go," I say and cross my arms.

"Look Ari, I wasn't thinking. I thought I was 17 again. She was my first love, but I've moved on!"

"Didn't look like that an hour ago."

"Ari! I love you with all my heart, not a second goes by when you're not on my mind. I know I've made a lot of mistakes, but you've always had space in your heart to forgive me. Is there any space left?" 

"Justin, I don't know. My heart is broken right now so there are no spaces left. You've hurt me a lot and I always give you another chance because I love you, but this time is different. It's a girl you loved! The same way you love me!" I scream.

"It's not the same! You're different, I never had fights like this with Selena. This never happened. You know why? Because we didn't communicate like we do. We weren't 100% honest with each other. But you and I are! We are perfect for each other and you know that! Everybody knows that!" Justin says. I start to tear up a bit.

"Justin, I WANT to be with you! But I CAN'T. I can't risk having my heart broken another time. I will consider being friends, but not dating. We are not gonna ever date again. Ever," I say. 

"Friends then?" he asks.

"Friends." I say. We hug for a minute while I cry into his shoulder.

I'm about to walk out, but Justin stops me.

"Ari, can I have one last kiss?" he asks.

I smile and nod. I grab his face and kiss him. I kiss him realizing that this is our last kiss. My last kiss with the boy I love.





I made it super long just for you guys! Hope you like it!


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