Crazy for You

Hey guys! I know most of my stories are in your POV, but I just think that Ariana Grande and Justin would be the cutest couple ever!

Plot: They meet each other at a red carpet event. Apparently they have a lot in common. They quickly become best friends. Turns out, one of them likes the other. They are afraid what the other person thinks of them though. They finally toughen up and tell the other person. Who is it? What does the other person say? Read to find out!


26. Authors note

Hey guys! Thanks so much for all the positive feedback! It makes me so happy that you guys love the story so much! We hit 50 comments! :D Also, if you like 1D check out my movella: Choosing.

A girl named Vanessa has to pick between all the One Direction boys plus her ex, and you guys will be the ones picking! So please favorite/read/comment on that one! 

Next chapter will be posted in about an hour and a half. Also what do you want me to call you guys? Some authors call their "fans" something. Any suggestions.


Love ya<3


P.S. I will try to make chapters longer(:

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