Crazy for You

Hey guys! I know most of my stories are in your POV, but I just think that Ariana Grande and Justin would be the cutest couple ever!

Plot: They meet each other at a red carpet event. Apparently they have a lot in common. They quickly become best friends. Turns out, one of them likes the other. They are afraid what the other person thinks of them though. They finally toughen up and tell the other person. Who is it? What does the other person say? Read to find out!


14. Arguing


"Thank you so much Justin," I say with tears streaming down my face. His arms are still wrapped around me. Now I knew that I wanted to be with him forever

"Let's go home babe," he says to me. I nod and we walk to his house. As we were walking, Justin randomly blurts out, "Ari, I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"Seven Minutes, I shouldn't have even gone in the closet, let alone start making out with someone!" He says.

I sigh, "Justin, I'm letting this one go, but please don't let it happen again. I'm a lot more sensitive than you think, and well I love you, and even though I hated you when you told me that. I still loved you."

"Ari, I was thinking about you the whole time in the closet, when she ripped off my clothes, I was thinking about you," he says.

"She ripped off your clothes?! Did you want to break my heart some more?" I yell.

"Ari, I'm so sorry, I thought you knew," he says.

"Whatever," I say. That was the last thing I said to him the rest of the walk home. We walk through the doors of his large house.

"Mom are you home?" No answer.

"Looks like we've got the whole house to ourselves," he says.

"Oh goody! You want me to call Amanda?" I say.

"Ari, can't we just forgive, forget and move on?" he asks.

"No, considering you could have done so much more with Amanda than you told me. How am I supposed to trust you?"

"Trust me? I just pretty much saved your life from that creep Drake, and you don't think that you can trust me? That is low Ari," he says.

"How am I supposed to trust you Justin? Considering it's no big deal from your point of view that you and Amanda Kelley made out shirtless, and you enjoyed it, then she slipped you her number that is still in your pocket. Please great Justin, tell me how I'm supposed to trust you after that?"

"Because we love each other Ari! I'm sorry for what happened with Amanda, and I told you it won't happen again!"

"Yeah well guess what? We can't ever go back to that night, and redo the fact that you were probably close to having sex with her."

"All I can say has already been said. I'm sorry Ari, and I love you. You have no idea how upset this makes me-" I cut him off.

"Yeah I think I do," I say.

"Ari, I feel like the luckiest guy in the world when I'm around you. And when I kiss you, all my worries go away. Just when I stare into those eyes, I can't help but get lost in them. Hearing your voice in the morning makes my day. I love you Ari and I want to be with you for the rest of my life, so can we forget what happened last night, please?" He asks.

I run up to him, wrap my legs around him, and kiss him, kiss him like there's no tomorrow.

"That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me. I love you Justin, and I always will." I say and kiss him again.


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