Remember Me

May is a girl who falls in love with Harry styles when she tells him she's pregnant he breaks up with her a few months later she has a 3 month year old baby boy named mason what will happen next?


1. The break up

"I found someone new and I think it's best if we break up". "Okay" I leave and tears form my eyes shoving down the pregnancy test harder.3 years worth of commitment and he breaks up with me

1 year later

I got a new flat my friend Eleanor who is dating Louis moved out a week ago so it's just me and baby mason we also got a dog to protect us his name is Blake. This whole year I haven't seen Harry we haven't even said hi. Anyways I was in the park and I saw Harry with a blonde walking across the road next thing I know it was a volleyball hitting me someone gave me a hand it was Liam "May what are u doing here" the boys knew about the baby but they never told Harry so I liked it that ways besides he broke up with me "Oh you know just playing with the baby anyways here's the ball I would love to speak but i gotta take the little one home" "ok bye" I was walking down the street when I hit someone it was the blonde she said "watch it stupid" "oh sorry " next thing you know it Harry looked at me... CLIFFHANGER
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