Remember Me

May is a girl who falls in love with Harry styles when she tells him she's pregnant he breaks up with her a few months later she has a 3 month year old baby boy named mason what will happen next?


2. Lie even though you know

I saw him and turned away with my dog and baby. Mason was in the stroller with his seatbelt on with his toys and on the side was Blake with his leash attached to the stroller.I ran as fast I could Mason started whining .I had a grey pea coat on with toms and jeans so it wasHard for me to run.

*home *

I was sleeping on the couch when I heard Blake barking in mason's nursery. I get a bat and follow Blake I open the door to find Harry there ." what are you doing here " I said " oh miss you dropped your phone and you left your door open so I heard this baby crying and watched him I'm Harry by the way" "don't you remember me " "no but you have a familiar face have I met you before " he said "yes" I muttered "you broke up with me " I said "wait isn't your name may" "yes" next thing I new it he was hugging me by the waist he asked me to forgive him and I accepted he asked who the father was and I said him he was so excited he called that blonde and dumped her right away a week later I moved in with him his mansion was big and mason loved his new nursery we got engaged and the boys and girlfriends knew so we lived happily ever after
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