Who Are You

Chance encounter at a One Direction concert, when Selena accidentally meets the boy she came to see.


2. Parking

"There's a space!" I slap my hand to my forehead as Lisa drives past another vacant parking spot outside the concert hall. I'm sitting back in her mums car, legs propped up against the dashboard.
"Well it's hard for me to see...GET your feet OFF." Taking a hand off the wheel Lisa smacks my closest foot. It hurts her more than it hurts me. I'm wearing docs. "Ah." I notice her clench her fist in her lap, unwilling to admit her little blow caused her more damage.
"Perfect." I look up from rummaging through the seat compartment, only to see Lisa bypassing several NO ENTRY WITHOUT PERMISSION SIGNS down to a separate part of the carpark. I don't think we're supposed to be here.
"Lisa...where are you going?" I poke her pointedly, gesturing forward to the numerous signs scattered around our path.
"It's fiiiine. C'mon if they really wanted you to stay out so bad they'd put in a barrier or something." As if to punctuate her point, a juddering noise causes me to twist in my chair and look out the rear window. A flashing bar has just gone down behind us. Looking before me I see a large van ha driven here in front of us. Lisa must have come in directly after them before the barrier closed. This can't end well.

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