Who Are You

Chance encounter at a One Direction concert, when Selena accidentally meets the boy she came to see.


6. Concert pt.2

It went by in a blur, a hallucination of noise and screaming. All of a sudden the band were onstage, and the room erupted. It felt as if my eardrums had collapsed in on themselves. It's worth it though. For the music, for the dancing, and for what i feel is best of all; a wink of clear recognition from Niall.
It happened as they sang 'Moments' and they had come forward and were sitting on the edge of the stage. His eyes were scanning the crowd and he was frowning in concentration as the other boys had their solos. I didn't dare believe it, but it was confirmed by Lisa and several other surrounding girls afterward. As he searched the rows his vision happened across me, standing and swaying gently with an arms draped across Lisa's shoulders. Then it happened. His eyes lit up as they focused on me (Lisa's words not mine) and he smiled, as if he had known I would be there the whole time and was just waiting for the right time to find me. As he started singing his part, which I am not ashamed to say way the best part of the song, he looked at me intently, like he was trying to figure me out. Then as he finished, direct to me he winked, causing multiple girls around me to gasp loudly.

"What was THAT? Did you guys fuck or something while you were outside? No, you couldn't have, there was far too much sexual tension in his stare for that. He WANTS you Selena. Like really. Wow. I'm just..." I tuned Lisa out as I replayed what had just happened in my head. That could NOT have just happened.
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