Who Are You

Chance encounter at a One Direction concert, when Selena accidentally meets the boy she came to see.


5. Concert pt.1

By following a group of almost hysterical fan girls to our row, we finally sit down. "God that was like wading through a river!" I exhale breathlessly.
"If rivers scream every time a guy walks past them who looks like one of the band." Lisa is fanning herself absentmindedly with her ticket, watching the flow of fans through the hall doors. "These are pretty good seats huh? Dad only got them because his friend from work knows the tour manager or something." She's right, these are good seats. We're sitting about 4 rows from the front, within close view of the stage. I wonder if Niall will recognise me from earlier. That is if he even saw me. My attention wanders as I think about the chance encounter earlier.
"Earth to Selena? Hello? You zoned out?" I blink dazedly, snapped back by Lisa's waving hand positioned a little too close to my face for comfort. Oops. She must have been talking as I daydreamed.
"Oh sorry," I smile hurriedly. "I just got distracted, that's all." She winks at me knowingly.
"I'll bet you were distracted by the very thought of the very same boys we are about to watch." She pauses, eyes fixed on my face. "Hey, I never asked, but did either of them see you?" I'm about to answer as the lights suddenly dim, focusing our attention on the central stage.
It's starting.
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