Who Are You

Chance encounter at a One Direction concert, when Selena accidentally meets the boy she came to see.


1. Syked

"You got tickets. You GOT TICKETS?" I know I'm screaming, but I can't help it.

"Yeah dummy,and I know I know, I'm amazing. It's not even like they're specifically good seats or anything though..." My best friend Lisa fans herself lazily with the tickets.

"Anywheres good." I nod fervently, grasping her hand in mine. "This is a GREAT present Lisa. When's the show?"

"Uh...tomorrow?" She mumbles with a wince, lifting her hands to her head. She knows me too well. I start emitting a high pitched, loud noise that can only be compared to an ambulance siren. It's such an embarrassing noise I try only to do it around Lisa. Who knows what would happen if anyone else ever heard it.

"Tomorrow's perfect! Work ends at...4ish I think right?" I can't really remember the hours of my summer cafe job. I guess it's because it's so boring.

"Yeah, and it starts at 7 so we have plenty of time! My mum already said we can borrow her car"
Giddy with excitement, me and Lisa begin rifling through our cupboards to find what to wear.

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