Riding A Rollercoaster (sequel to 'Promises')

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  • Published: 29 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 4 Apr 2014
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Life is great for Jamie Sullivan. Everything seems to be falling place. She has her family around her and she's having the time of her life with the boys One Direction-Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and the love of her life, Niall Horan. And she is truly, genuinely happy. She couldn't possibly ask for anything more. But nothing is permanent. When a stranger somehow connected to her past enters her life, things start to change. How will these 'changes' affect the relationships between Jamie and the boys, especially the one with Niall? Will this stranger make Jamie's life better than it already is? Or will she lose the happiness she's been trying so hard to hold on to?


18. Tequila? Whiskey? Vodka? You name it, I'll drink it.

*James' P.O.V*

''Are you mentally sane as of right now?'' I asked her,unsure. She'd never drank an alcoholic drink in all her life-at least,not that I knew of. But things had changed. Maybe she did too.

''Probably not but, I'll get back to you on that. now would you stop thinking too much?Would you stop being such a spoilsort and come on already?''

I deliberated it for a while. I haveh't spent time with Jamie for a while and I've missed her. More than she knew. She meant more to me than just a best friend. Besides, I'd be there to keep her safe and play the role of the mature adult. What could go wrong?

''Is this some female transitional phase?'' I asked, scrunching up my nose. She rolled her eyes. Now that was something she would do.

''Let's just go out and have some fun,'' she pleaded. It'd help take her mind of Mira, I thought solemnly.

''Alright. But I'll drive,'' I told her, grabbing my keys.

''No!'' she whined. ''Let's have a race. Who ever gets there last has to buy the other a round of drinks,'' she stated, her eyes twinkling.

Before I could decline partaking in this absurd 'deal', she had already run off, swinging the door wide open on the way out and hopping into her Chevy. She plunged her keys into the ignition, the engine roaring to life. She stuck out her tongue at me and stepped on the accelerator, making smoke come out. Soon, I could smell burnt rubber.

''See ya later,Jamesy,'' she yelled, pulling away, her wind blowing across her face.

Chuckling at her childish antics, I rushed out, locking the door behind me and got into my car as well, blasting some music. What a fitting song. 'Highway to Hell' by ACDC was playing. It was almost midnight now. I wouldn't hear the end of this from the neighbours. Especially Mrs Sullivan, who lived next door. She was a frightening lady. I've never met her husband and I don't think they have any children. She looked like she once was a very beautiful woman but now, she looked miserable all the time. I wanted to ask her how she was doing but I thought the wiser. Eventually, I pulled away and drove to the club Jamie had told me earlier. In the end, Jamie arrived first, and she was leaning casually against her car when I arrived. She smirked at me as I got out.

" I win," she declared proudly, grinning. ' Now pay up,'' she ordered, rubbing her thumb and index finger together.

''Hold on,'' I said. ''How are we going to get inside? The queue is...''

''Oh,come on!' she groaned, grabbing my wrist and yanking me to the entrance, where a big bloke was standing guard. He had tattoes covering his neck and along his arms and he looked awfully large. THAT was someone whom I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. He grimaced at me but then his eyes looked at Jamie and his grimace suddenly turned into a smile as Jamie called out to him.

''Hey Mike!''

''Oh hey J,'' he greeted, bending down for a hug. Did mention he was towering over us? He smiled at her, revealing his large, pointy teeth, reminding me of a wild animal. Now, he looked friendly. ''Where are the boys?''

''Oh,it's just me,'' she muttered, shuffling her feet. ''And him,'' she continued, gesturing towards me, sounding slightly more cheerful. He studied me up and down.

''You won't be causing any trouble,will you?'' he asked, giving me a death glare. ''Uh...'' I stuttered, seeming at a loss for words.

''No....sir,'' I replied. Suddenly, he broke out into a wide grin and patted me roughly on the back, nearly tripping me.

''I'm just kidding,kid,'' he said, with an American accent. ''You kids go have some fun. Just not too much fun, alright?''

''Yeah yeah,'' Jamie replied dismissively. ''Let's go Jamesy!'' she squealed, yanking on my arm and pulling me into the busy club, where people were dancing, drinking and having fun.

Jamie twirled herself using my hand and smiled up at me. I smiled back at her, seeing how happy she looked. I was doing my own thing but Jamie...she was dancing like she had danced all her life. Everyone was staring and cheering for her. Eventually, as the deejay changed up the music, they went back to dancing. Our bodies were pressed close together because of the crowd and I could feel the heat radiating from Jamie's body. She smiled cheekily at me as she placed her hands on my cheeks and slowly started getting down to her knees, her hands sliding across the sides of my body,then my abdomen. I jumped a little as her hands touched my crotch and went down to my thighs. What had gotten into her? She did the reverse this time as she stood back up slowly, this time her hands sliding into my shirt,which she had tucked out of my jeans. I grabbed her wrists before she tried to go beyond my abdomen.

''What are you doing?'' I asked, breathless.

''I'm just having some fun!'' she yelled over the loud music. ''Oh stop thinking,'' she said, laughing. ''Let's go get us some drinks,'' she said, leading me to the bar. We found some stools and I sat down,catching my breath. I was spent, but Jamie seemed as energetic as she came up. She was bouncing in her seat.

''Well,what do you want to drink?'' I asked as she shook her leg impatiently and tapped her fingernails on the glass countertop. She pursed her lips, deliberating as she looked at the drinks the other customers were drinking.

''Tequila? Whiskey? Vodka? You name it, I'll drink it,'' she replied casually, running a hand through her hair.

''A beer and a round of shots,please,'' I called out to the bartender. This was going to be a long night...I needed the shots. I looked around and spotted two dazzling females who seemed to be cuddling. When I looked closer, I realised they weren't actually cuddling. They were doing MUCH more than that. I averted my eyes and cleared my throat.

''What?'' Jamie asked curiously.

Fortunately, the drinks arrived so I didn't have to answer her question. She immediately grabbed the shot glass and drank it down in one gulp, cringing as she did.

''That...was meant for me,'' I mumbled, but by that time, it was already making its way down her throat.

''That's disgusting,'' she remarked, coughing.''It feels like my throat is on fire.I want another,'' she demanded, wiping the corner of her lips with the back of her hand..

''Since when did YOU drink?''

''Since 5 seconds ago,'' she said, grinning. I tapped the empty glass when the bartender looked at us and asked him for another glass. While waiting, I chugged down the pint of beer that was meant for her. Better not let it go to waste. Jamie abruptly pulled me to the dance floor again. She did this a few times every time we waited for the bartender to refill our drinks. We were getting groggy and we started laughing for no particular reason. Eventually, we got tired and sat back down, downing our last glass. I was relatively sober but light-headed. On the other hand, Jamie was...very, very drunk. She could barely walk straight.

''Do you...wanna get some air?'' she asked, her words slurred. I nodded, leading her to the exit which lead out to the back of the club, the parking space. Once outside, we leaned against the wall, just enjoying each other's company. The music was still audible from outside. ''James?''


''Do you love me?'' she asked as she rolled over so that we were facing each other.

''Of course I do..you're my b-''

She crashed her lips to mine, not letting me speak. I wanted to stop her, to push her away and tell her she was drunk and that she would regret this but as I grabbed her wrists, I gripped them tighter instead and put them over my shoulders. She wrapped her arms around my neck, tugging on my hair. I rested my arms on her waist but then she suddenly jumped onto me, clinging onto me, her legs around my hips. I had to put her down somewhere. I could barely stand straight and I didn't want to drop her so I laid her down on the hood of a car. Refusing to break the kiss, she wrapped her legs around my hips tightly, pulling me closer to her. Her hands roamed my back, before resting on my belt which she fiddled with and tried to unbuckle. My eyes opened and widened in shock as I realised what we were doing. It felt so right but... ''Stop,'' I demanded, prying myself away,my hand on my lips.

''We can't do this,'' I muttered. Not like this. I felt guilty. It was as if I had taken advantage of her. I straightened my shirt and my hair as she sat straight up, looking upset. ''I'll get you some water,'' I told her, running into the club.

*Third person P.O.V*

As Jamie waited for James, she stood up, and walked around, the cool London night air hitting her face. She felt a sharp pang in her stomach and she clamped her mouth shut, running towards a dumpster as she did. She bent over and hurled, making retching sounds. How attractive, she thought sardonically. After she emptied her stomach contents, she felt a tad better but she knew that she was still drunk. She could barely walk in a straight line. But she liked it. She liked not thinking,not caring. Not worrying. She even didn't seem to mind kissing James earlier on. She may have even liked it. But perhaps it was just the alcohol. As she wiped her sweaty forehead and the corners of her mouth with the sleeve of her knit sweater, James finally arrived with a cool,refreshing glass of water which she gratefully took and washed her mouth with., before chugging down the remainder of it.

''You wouldn't happen to have a mint,would you?'' she asked him, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. ''My mouth tastes horrible. Alcohol doesn't seem to sit well in my stomach,'' she muttered, her fingers pinching her forehead.

Her head was throbbing and she felt horrible-apart from the not thinking or feeling part,of course. If the emotions she had been through today flooded her now, she'd crumble into pieces. She was already volatile and was an emotional wreck as it was. As she brought her hand down to her side, her eyes glanced upon the ring. She fiddled with it as she took a seat beside James on the ground and sat cross-legged.

''It happens,'' he commented. ''Maybe you shouldn't have drank that much,'' he joked. She didn't reply. ''You were amazing back there,'' James complimented, trying to distract her from Niall, whom he had assumed correctly she had been thinking of. He had inferred that as he watched her twist the ring round and round her finger.

''Oh,thanks,'' she mumbled, finally looking up to meet his eyes. But her hands were still occupied with the ring. ''Dance helped me to calm down after HE-'' she fell short as she mentioned Sullivan. She looked away, her face unreadable. ''I had a lot of practice,'' she said,eventually. ''I was actually thinking of becoming a dancer if my whole plan of getting a good education doesn't work out,'' she told him, smiling weakly.

''Well, you'd make a terrific dancer,'' he remarked, tucking a loose strand of her behind her ear.

''Thank you,'' she said, smiling.

''It's alright you know,'' he started.

She looked at him questioningly.

''If you want to talk about HIM,'' he clarified. He looked away to calm himself down. To think of someone hurting HIS Jamie was...unthinkable. 

''I'm alright,'' she replied, dazedly. ''I'm not afraid of him anymore. It made me stronger,'' she said, her mind wandering. She looked up at the sky, admiring the stars and although her head was spinning, it was a beautiful sight. As she did so, James studied her delicate features, cataloging the curve of her cheek, the shadow of her long eyelashes on her cheeks under this dim light, her warm,pink lips. He realised the taste of her lips lingered on his lips,and although it was mixed with alcohol as his did, it was still pleasant. Jamie didn't deserve the pain and torture she has experienced. She deserved much better. He wanted to hurt those who hurt her. Her father...Niall...He watched as her eyes fell on the ring Niall had given her.

''He doesn't deserve you,'' he blurted out. Perhaps the alcohol had resulted in the inability to think before he spoke.

''Excuse me?'' she asked, bewildered.

''Horan,'' he grunted. ''You deserve better.''

''Why are you saying this?'' she exploded, jumping to her feet, nearly toppling over in the process.

''I'm just telling you the truth. Being with him has changed your life. Your privacy is non-existent, and have I mentioned how much danger you get yourself into? All those fans?'' He felt his heart race quicken.

''What are you saying!'' she exclaimed hysterically.

She was mad. No, she was beyond mad. She was infuriated. Her hands were balled into fists at her sides. Yes, James is her best friend but no one had the right to tell her what to do or who to love.

''How could you say that when you know that I love him!'' she yelled. ''No one can tell me who I should love,'' she continued. ''I am and always will be in love with Niall. And nothing will ever change that,'' she stated. Then it hit her. She loves Niall. No matter what. She was insanely and madly in love with him. They could say all they want, people could try to break them apart. But someway or another, they will always find a way back to each other. He had promised. The music from the club made her headache worse. To think that Niall and her not being together was...unfathomable. She had forgotten why she had gotten so mad at him for. She had forgotten why they fought. She had forgotten why she had left. Mira's death wasn't their fault. It was just her time to go. They'd get through this. Like they always did.She missed the boys. She missed Niall.

''I'm sorry,'' James groaned, apologetic. ''I don't know what came over me. Please,calm down,'' he pleaded.

She remained standing,her arms crossed. It was getting colder and the coldness was seeping through her clothes.

''Let me get you another glass of water,'' he offered, slowly getting to his feet.''Stay here,'' he instructed gently.

Her mind had cleared up a little. But she needed to get out of here. She needed to think. But then, Jamie realised that there was nothing to think about. She loves Niall and he loves her. They needed to be together. And that was it. Without a delay, she quickly made her way around the club to her car which she had parled out front. She stumbled over pebbles in the process but she always managed to catch herself. She fished out the keys from her pocket and hopped into her Chevy, stabbing her keys into the ignition and bringing the car alive. As she looked around for her phone to call Niall and explain everything and that she was coming back, she cursed herself for being so careless and leaving her phone in her backpack, which she had left at James' flat. Nevertheless, undeterred, she pulled away, watching James' image in her rearview mirror getting smaller and smaller as he realised she had left, before he disappeared completely. Occassionally, she swerved from left to right. But she was determined to make it back tonight. To make it back to the boys. Back into Niall's arms-where she belonged.

Thing is, she never did.

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