Riding A Rollercoaster (sequel to 'Promises')

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  • Published: 29 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 4 Apr 2014
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Life is great for Jamie Sullivan. Everything seems to be falling place. She has her family around her and she's having the time of her life with the boys One Direction-Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and the love of her life, Niall Horan. And she is truly, genuinely happy. She couldn't possibly ask for anything more. But nothing is permanent. When a stranger somehow connected to her past enters her life, things start to change. How will these 'changes' affect the relationships between Jamie and the boys, especially the one with Niall? Will this stranger make Jamie's life better than it already is? Or will she lose the happiness she's been trying so hard to hold on to?


22. Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones...

*Jamie's P.O.V*

''That was bloody fantastic!'' Louis yelled in amazement, impressed with what I had just pulled off. I laughed at his reaction- he was clearly entertained.

''How'd you manage to fool us so well? I thought you weren't good at lying,'' Liam asked, chuckling.

''Well, I learnt from the best,'' I answered, looking at Niall and smirking. He always got away with everything. That sneaky little leprechaun. Niall shrugged, his fingers still intertwined with mine.

''You guys should go get some sleep,'' I told the boys suddenly, making them frown. Honestly, I desperately needed to talk to Niall.

''But-'' Harry protested.

Zayn looked into my eyes and smiled in understanding. Somehow, he always understood me.

. ''Come on lads, we've had a long day. We can come visit Jamie again tomorrow,'' Zayn said gently.

Liam looked at him, then me, also smiling. ''Yeah,'' Liam agreed. ''We should let Jamie rest.''

''What about Niall? How come he gets to stay?'' Lou asked, jealous.

''Because Niall is her boyfriend, you idiot,'' Harry answered , making Lou sulk and march out the door.

''Hey!'' I called out.

''Don't I get a goodnight kiss?'' I asked, even though it was already 3am. Lou ran back and pulled me into a bear hug, making me wince. ''Alright Lou,that's enough,'' Niall said sternly, gently pulling Lou's weight off me. Before Lou let go, I kissed him on the cheek. ''Thank you. Goodnight carrothead. I love you.'' ''I love you too Jelly! Au revoir!'' he yelled as he exited the room, Zayn tugging him from behind. ''Bye Jamie! See ya tomorrow!'' the other two boys said, waving goodbye as they left the room, after giving me a goodnight kiss, of course. ''We love you!'' ''I love you boys back!'' I whisper-yelled back, trying not to irritate other patients or people in the hospital. Last but not least, James, who'd been awfully quiet, stepped into my view, his expression unreadable. ''Hey, J,'' I murmured, attempting to touch his hand to comfort him. I know what I put him through and I felt horrible for it. But he pulled away before I got the chance, crossing his arms. ''How are you feeling?'' he asked in a detached tone. ''I'm fine,thanks. You?'' His eyes looked down at his feet. ''Are you alright, James?'' I asked, more concerned. He refused to answer me. ''Get well soon, Jamie,'' he wished, as he leaned in to kiss me gently on the cheek, pausing for a brief moment, his face inches away from mine, to look into my eyes. He looked hurt but I didn't know why. He'd told me everything that happened and how I landed up in the hospital but I couldn't help feeling as if he was deliberately missing something out. Then, he held the heart-shaped pendant of the necklace he gave me long ago between two of his fingers. He looked up back into my eyes and smiled at me, although it wasn't like his usual,cheerful, boyish grins. ''I love you, Jamie,'' he whispered in my ear, only for my ears to hear. "I'm sorry," he murmured, his voice breaking towards the end,before he turned on his heels and left without another word. Confused, I looked at Niall for some form of explanation. However, Niall just shrugged. ''Did you do something?'' I asked, cross. ''What?'' he asked, his voice higher than normal. ''No,'' he denied fervently. I raised my eyebrows at him. ''What?'' the Irish one asked innocently. I'd ask James about it later. ''That's a lot of people you love,'' Niall said, pretending to be jealous and attempting to change the subject. And he was successful. ''You know that the only one I'm in love with is you,'' I assured him, gripping his hand tighter. ''You'll always be my little leprechaun.'' He chuckled. ''And you'll always be my little potato.'' ''Gosh I've missed your Irish accent,'' I murmured. He leaned in, his lips inches away from mine. ''Is that all you've missed?'' I looked into his lapis lazuli eyes- I could spend eternity just admiring them. ''Well, what else could I have missed?'' I asked innocently, biting my lip, my eyes fixed on his lips. ''Perhaps you'd like to enlighten me.'' ''Gladly,'' he replied, leaning in further, pressing his lips to mine. Our lips moulded together, fitting perfectly, as if they were made for each other. And for those few minutes, I forgot about the pain. I was so happy. I pulled his shirt towards me with my good hand, thereafter tangling my fingers in his hair. He chuckled but didn't pull away. We stayed like that for a while, thoroughly enjoying the moment. I must have been so caught up that I failed to realise the tears that were streaming down my cheek until Niall pulled away, a worried look on his face. ''Are you alright? Did I hurt you?'' he asked, breathless, probably from the long kiss we had shared. ''I'm terrific,'' I answered, smiling at him. I wanted him to kiss me again, to make all the pain go away. But then he sat down on the enge of my bed, staring at me and playing with my toes. ''I'm sorry,'' he apologized. I could hear the hurt in his voice. ''Don't,'' I begged. I wiped my tear-stained cheeks with my fingers. ''Niall, look at me,'' I pleaded, waiting until he did. ''None of this was your fault. It was my stupid mistake. I was reckless and I didn't think properly. I wasn't thinking rationally,'' I said quickly. ''I am to blame for all this.'' ''If I hadn't gotten mad at you...if we hadn't fought...'' he trailed off, pacing around the room. ''Niall,'' I called again. ''-the things I said about you...I'm a fu-'' ''Niall,'' I warned. He looked up at me, stunned. ''You'd get mad at me for cursing but not for all this,'' he asked, amazed, referring to me ending up in a hospital bed. He walked over to the bed. ''Because this wasn't your fault.'' ''You're unbelievable,'' he murmured. ''I know,'' I replied, making him grin. ''Why aren't you writhing in pain or crying tears of agony...'' he trailed off, a confused look on his face. ''Aren't you in pain?'' ''I've had worse,'' I shrugged. He shook his head in disbelief, his eyes red. ''Hey,'' I murmured, holding his hand. ''That's not what I meant,'' I told him, sensing that he thought I was referring to the past-the parts where he was involved. ''I meant Sullivan,'' I clarified. ''I won't let him hurt you again. I promise,'' he spit out through his gritted teeth. ''I know,'' I patted his hand. ''Please,'' I begged. ''Sit down.'' I patted the space beside me. I noticed he was wincing as he did. "Are YOU alright?" I asked. "I'm fine. I just tore a ligament in me leg when I played football." I nodded in understanding. "Jamie?" he called, as he played with my fingers, which was making me incredibly drowsy. ''Will you forgive me?'' he asked, his eyes fixed on my fingers. I pulled his chin up to look at me and briefly kissed him. ''I forgave you as soon as I left the flat,'' I answered, smiling at him encouragingly. ''I don't deserve you,'' he muttered. ''Stop,'' I ordered, gritting my teeth, trying to hold the tears that had welled up in my eyes from overflowing. ''Don't say that.'' ''It's true,'' he said stubbornly. My hand fell limply by my side and I let the tears fall. ''I did it again, didn't I?'' he said regretfully. ''I'm sorry, Jamie,'' he apologized again. ''Stop apologizing. Don't you see? It's not about who deserves who. All that matters is how we feel for each other. I am madly in love with you, Niall Horan. And that's all I know.'' ''You know I love you too,'' he murmured into my ear. ''Good.'' I rested my head on his shoulder. ''Do you forgive ME?'' I asked softly. He turned to look at me. ''There's nothing to forgive you for.'' A comfortable silence fell upon the room. I felt my eyelids getting heavier as Niall soothingly stroked the top of my hand and played with my hair. I inhaled his scent as I rested my cheek on the crook of his shoulder, my lips inches away from his neck. His scent was much more pleasant the the sterile smell of the hospital.He had one arm around me and I had to say, this was a very comfortable position. ''Jamie?'' he called out softly. ''Hmm?'' I answered, letting my eyes close. ''Are you awake?'' ''Mmhmm,'' I murmured, my eyes still closed. The exhaustion was taking its toll. I could barely keep my eyes open, as you can probably tell. ''Why'd you come back?'' he asked, clearly curious as to why I wanted to return to him and hadn't left just like I said I would. ''Simple. Because of you.'' I could almost see him smiling. He rubbed my shoulder soothingly. ''Goodnight, honey.'' I retched. ''What?'' ''I don't like being called food. Even though I like food a lot,'' I told him honestly. Even though it was a term of endearment, it was still a type of food. Besides, I didn't like honey. ''Alright. Then, goodnight, love,'' he repeated. ''Better,'' I said happily, as I snuggled deeper into his arms, where I belonged. ''Goodnight you handsome devil.'' I smiled as he chuckled. He laid down so that I could rest my cheek on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. Slowly but surely, I fell asleep to the steady thrum of his heart. NEXT MORNING...(or just a few hours later) I woke up to someone pulling back the curtains to let the blinding sunlight in. I groaned, my head hurting slightly, my body aching, my throat parched. I kept my eyes closed as I waited for my mind to fully wake up. But then, as I felt the spot where Niall had fallen asleep with me a few hours ago, I frowned, my eyes fluttering open. ''Whoa,'' I gasped, shocked to see the room filled with people. ''Good morning, sweetheart,'' my Aunt Gertrude said. I slowly looked around the room, blinking off the sleep. My aunt and two sisters were here along with the boys. Niall was standing at my feet, smiling at me, the sunlight illuminating his eyes. I smiled back at him. I realised James wasn't here. ''Good morning, sleepyhead. You sleep like a log,'' Zayn teased. I rolled my eyes. ''Like you don't,'' I poked back, making the whole room laugh. Zayn frowned, embarassed. As he moved away to find his pride, I noticed a familiar face who I didn't expect to be here. ''Dad?'' I asked ,flabbergasted. ''Hey, honey,'' he greeted, the use of food as a term of endearment making me cringe internally. I glanced at Niall who was trying to supress a smile although it looked like he wasn't any good at it. His lips were contorted in a way that showed how hard he was trying to supress the laughter from breaking out . I tried to contain my laughter and managed to conceal as a sincere smile for my biological father, not that I wasn't happy he was here. ''What are you doing here? As a matter of fact, what are you ALL doing here?'' I asked, my voice hoarse. ''Niall called and told us what happened,'' my aunt replied. My sisters had taken their seats beside me. I smiled at them and they smiled back. ''You're supposed to be in Iraq,'' I stated, although it sounded more like a question for Damon. ''I'm on leave right now. I'm going to be deployed there again tomorrow,'' he told me, his hands behind his back, like a soldier 'at ease'. I nodded my head in understanding. His face softened and he leaned in, planting a kiss on the top of my head. ''How are you feeling?'' he asked, worried. It hurts like hell. ''I'm fine,'' I replied, mustering the best smile that I could. He smiled and resumed his position. ''How's the family?'' ''They're doing well, thanks. Savannah just won the spelling bee,'' he beamed proudly. ''You must be a very proud father,'' I told him, admiring the love he had for his daughter. ''I am,'' he replied, smiling at me. ''I'm proud of both of them.'' I smiled widely at him, tears welling up in my eyes. These emotions I was feeling - to actually be cared for by a father figure, something I never had, it was...refreshing. ''Jamieee!'' Quinn whined, stretching her arms out. I looked at Damon apologetically. He smiled at Quinn. ''She reminds me of Savannah,'' he noted. I smiled at him before gesturing for Quinn to sit on my lap. I winced slightly as she jumped down on my lap. ''You're much heavier than I remember,'' I heaved. The whole room erupted in laughter. We didn't even realise the door had been opened until the good doctor was at my feet, a clipboard in hand. ''Good morning, Jamie,'' he greeted, smiling warmly. The laughter had died down and we were all listening intently. ''How are you feeling today?'' ''I'm feeling much better, thank you. Doctor, when can I be discharged?'' I asked eagerly, desperate to get back on my feet. He chuckled. ''You can leave whenever you want. You're not feeling tipsy or nauseous?'' ''Nope,'' I replied, popping the 'p'. ''You still have no recollection of how you ended up in here?'' I shook my head, frowning.''But my friend told me about it,'' I informed him, feeling guilty. ''Do I have to do anything?'' I asked, referring to punishment. ''Oh, not at all, it's already been taken care of,'' he answered, glancing at Niall, who I turned to glare at. ''Oh,'' I replied curtly. ''Before I let you go, may I ask you something?'' he asked, frowning. ''Sure,'' I replied, wondering what other question he could possibly ask. ''In private?'' he suggested. I shook my head. I did not feel uncomfortable having my closest friends and family here. ''Very well,'' he sighed. He tapped his pen on the clipboard. ''When I had to take an x-ray of your body to determine the extent of damage, I noticed that there was a significant amount of remodelling of the bones of your ribcage, your ulna and tibia. If you don't mind me asking, what happened?'' The colour drained out of my face. And I instantly regretted not taking up his offer. All the eyes on the room stared at me. I looked down at my hands, after Quinn had scooted off my lap. ''I...fell down a lot. I'm a very clumsy person. And I've always had weak bones,'' I told him, trying to be as convincing as possible. ''Are you sure?'' he asked, clearly not believing my reason. I nodded slowly. He pursed his lips. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, all the eyes still on me. I prayed that the doctor wouldn't pursue the matter any further. ''Very well then. You're free to go,'' he said, glancing briefly at Damon before leaving the room. ''What was that about?'' Harry asked. I looked at him and shrugged. ''Help me get out of here, will you?'' I pleaded to anyone who was listening. Niall turned to look at me and briefly kissed my lips. ''Alright,'' he relented, his Irish accent tugging the ends of my lips into a smile. Soon, everyone was moving. People were hugging me, kissing me(on the cheeks, me course) but being more careful this time, and wishing me to get well soon. And in a matter of two hours, Niall had managed to get me a fresh change of loose and comfy clothes from the flat, Darcy and Quinn had left with Aunt Gertrude for school, Damon had left for Heathrow airport so all that was left were the boys who had successfully taken care of the bills without disrupting the peace in the hospital or breaking anything, myself in a wheelchair with a foot and hand in a cast and Niall with his hands on the handles of the wheelchair.Thank God they had removed the one on the neck before I could suffer public humiliation. The reason I said this was because the minute Niall rolled me out of the hospital doors, there were flashes going off everywhere, people jostling for a look at me and endless streams of questions from the paparazzi and screaming from the fans. And this was all before I could take a breath of air. At least the boys' bodyguard was there to push our way through to the car. ''Hey, look over here,Jamie!'' one man yelled, pushing his camera into my face. Another bodyguard tossed the camera away, making the owner very cross. Niall and the boys must have sensed my anxiety as they formed a protective circle around Niall and I, their bodies packed close together. Niall's occassional squeeze of my shoulder, despite a slight pain, comforted me and prevented the claustraphobia that was creeping on me from setting in. Eventually, we made it to the car that had tinted windows. I leaned on Niall and Liam for support as they helped me into the car. I placed my good hand on the car as I tried to slide in without breaking anything else. ''Hey Jamie, what happened to you? How'd you end up like this?'' a paparazzi who looked like he hadn't shaved, or bathed for that matter, for a significant amount of time. ''Come on,mate. Give her a break,'' Zayn told him, putting himself in between the man and myself as Niall assisted me. Meanwhile, the other boys and bodyguards were near me, ready to pounce on anyone who got too close. It was amusing, actually. They all looked like guard dogs. I ignored the man's incessant questions, although they began to annoy me. Holding my breath to control the pain,I took a seat in the car, my feet dangling off to the side. Niall kneeled down to help me carry my legs into the car but as he did, the annoyingly curious man asked me another question that made my blood boil. ''Did Niall accidentally push you down a flight of stairs,Jamie? Did you two have a fight?'' I glared at the man, who seemed shocked that I was actually responding to him. ''Are you insinuating that Niall would hurt me?'' I demanded, my fists clenched. ''He must've roughed you up pretty bad,huh?'' the inconsiderate man, who had an American accent, teased, smirking. He deserved a punch in the face. ''You, sir, are revolting. If you honestly think that Niall could hurt someone,'' I growled, as all the cameras turned on me. ''You obviously do not know what Niall is like. Or what any of these wonderful boys are like,'' I spit through my teeth. ''Oh, I don't NEED to know them, honey,'' he smirked. ''They're all the same.'' I shook my head, laughing sardonically. '' What a pity.'' I paused. ''That's your loss,'' I scoffed, before carrying my legs into the car myself and slamming the car door shut. The boys jumped in as well and we sped off, leaving the noisy crowd behind. ''That's going to be all over Twitter and....'' Liam muttered, his forehead creasing. ''Who cares about that?'' Louis screamed, laughing simultaneously. He was clearly amused. ''That was AMAZING!'' he complimented, impressed. "She's one tough nut to break," Mike, the bodyguard, noted. ''Yeah, you're amazing Jamie,'' Zayn agreed, grinning boyishly. The other boys seemed to have agreed too because they were grinning widely as well. I winked at Niall. ''So I've been told.'' (A/N: I hate how this chapter turned out:( Sorry if it was boring guys! I'll try to write a better one. Thanks anyway for everything, especially my 200+ fans and those who followed me on Twitter:) stay awesome!)

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