Riding A Rollercoaster (sequel to 'Promises')

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  • Published: 29 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 4 Apr 2014
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Life is great for Jamie Sullivan. Everything seems to be falling place. She has her family around her and she's having the time of her life with the boys One Direction-Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and the love of her life, Niall Horan. And she is truly, genuinely happy. She couldn't possibly ask for anything more. But nothing is permanent. When a stranger somehow connected to her past enters her life, things start to change. How will these 'changes' affect the relationships between Jamie and the boys, especially the one with Niall? Will this stranger make Jamie's life better than it already is? Or will she lose the happiness she's been trying so hard to hold on to?


2. Here Goes Nothing

*Jamie's P.O.V*

I signed off with my signature, like I always did. Satisfied, I tucked my diary safely under my mattress. God forbid one of the boys found my diary and read it. I wrote almost ALL of my thoughts on the boys(Niall took more than three pages) and it would be embarrassing if they read it.

I pulled on my high-tops, slipped on a pair of loose trousers and put on an oversized top. I was glad we were back in London. I missed Mira and my sisters. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and tied my hair into a tight fishbraid. James' necklace caught my eye and I smiled, remembering when I used to stay at his place where Brad and Tristan nearly saw me naked. I whipped out my phone and typed in his number.

I counted two rings before he picked up.

"Hello," he answered dully.

"Hey," I greeted cheerfully, little concerned that he wasn't his usual happy self.

"Jamie?" he asked in disbelief. Theres the James I know.

I smiled widely. "Yup. I just got back. Listen, wanna meet at the usual place?" I invited. I miss hanging out with James. He's been so busy with promotional events for the band.

"Are you kidding? Of course I'll be there. See you in 10."

"Great! See ya," I chirped back.

As I stuffed my phone back into my pocket after having told Niall that I was going out for a while, I felt my stomach growl. Hmm...I feel like eating a Subway sandwich today. Maybe I'll get one for Niall and the boys on the way back. I grabbed my skateboard(since I had recently picked up skateboarding), a handful of notes that I folded neatly into my pocket and was on my way.I had to take a bus first, a 'big red bus' as Louis fondly called them whenever he saw one pass. I sat on top, enjoying the breeze and watching people walk by. I reached the bus stop that was nearest to my destination and got off, after paying my fare, of course. I threw my board on the ground and mentally pictured myself riding on it. I have poor hand-to-eye coordination and an awful sense of balance but I hoped that it wouldn't be too bad if I 'visualised' it first, right? Oh well. I struggled a little bit but managed to get pass the rocky road and pretty soon, I was skateboarding smoothly along the streets of London. Thank God not one photographer got in my way or I would have smashed his head with my board. I'm just joking. Really. It's not that I'm particularly conscious of how I look. I just don't like taking photographs of myself. For example, how should I smile ? Teeth or no teeth? The wind in my hair clears my thoughts. The weather's perfect in London today-which isn't common. The sun is out and it's a sunny day, but it's really cool. But enough about the weather.

Suddenly, I remembered something Aunt Gertrude had reminded me about when she and my sisters met us at the airport. Mum's will. I'll deal with THAT tomorrow.

I distracted myself by looking at the passing cars and I spotted a really buzzin' ride. It was an Audi. Probably cost a fortune. But then I laughed a humorless laugh. The car that I was saving for, a 67' Chevy Impala that was probably WAY more than I could afford, must cost even more than that Audi thatjust passed me by. But a girl can hope, right? I shifted my weight to the side to turn round the corner and I finally reached my destination. I hopped off my board, carrying it by my body. I descended the stairs that led underground, where the music was blaring. The place had a musty smell and we probably shouldn't be here because of the safety hazards but hey...where's the fun in that? I placed my board at the side just as I spotted a familiar face whose eyes widened as her eyes met mine. She weaved through the crowd and wrapped me in a tight hug once she did.

"I haven't seen you in AGES!" she exclaimed, hugging me again. "We thought you were dead!" she joked, throwing an arm over my shoulder. I used to come here almost every day after school back when...well, ya know.

You have no idea.

I laughed lightheartedly.

"Well come on, show us some moves," she pleaded, leading me to the middle of the crowd.

"Wait! No no no...I haven't danced in ages, Cora," I refused, digging my heels into the ground. Cora has always been insistent on getting what she wants. And she has wicked dancing skills - she's the one who taught me most of the moves I know. It's just that I put my own spin to them to make them..unique.

"Hey, look who showed up," she shouted over the noise, all eyes on me now. I grimaced.

"Oh hey it's Tiny Temper," a voice called. 'Tiny Temper' was kind of my stage name because I was relatively small in terms of height and I kind of have a temper. But you already know that. And I guess it may have something to do with my fascination towards Rap music and Tinie Tempah.

Cora nodded her head, wiggling her eyebrows, and cheered encouragingly as the music played. It was playing "Beggin'" by MadCon-one of my favourite songs to dance to.

"I'm a little rusty," I told everybody, who laughed. I took a deep breath. Here goes nothing.



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