Riding A Rollercoaster (sequel to 'Promises')

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  • Published: 29 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 4 Apr 2014
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Life is great for Jamie Sullivan. Everything seems to be falling place. She has her family around her and she's having the time of her life with the boys One Direction-Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and the love of her life, Niall Horan. And she is truly, genuinely happy. She couldn't possibly ask for anything more. But nothing is permanent. When a stranger somehow connected to her past enters her life, things start to change. How will these 'changes' affect the relationships between Jamie and the boys, especially the one with Niall? Will this stranger make Jamie's life better than it already is? Or will she lose the happiness she's been trying so hard to hold on to?


7. A Little Something

*Jamie's P.O.V*

I was beyond shocked. I couldn't think properly. This whole time...when I thought 'Sullivan' was my father...all the hurt and pain...

""Do I get to change my last name now?" I asked suddenly, the man supposedly claiming to be my father smiled.

"It's up to you," Mr Watson told me. This time, I smiled. I cautiously walked closer to him. What should I say? Nice to meet you? 

Instead, I chose to extend my right hand,waiting for him to shake it. How else would I greet my father? He stared at my hand and then looked up into my eyes.

"You have your mother's eyes," he commented, smiling sadly,wrinkles at the side of his eyes. He looked...nice. And he had a deep,fatherly voice with an American accent. We were so completely different. He wrapped his large,calloused hand around mine and smiled down at me kindly,shaking my hand slowly."It's very nice to meet you,Jamie." 

i smiled weakly. I had to admit, I was still stunned. Over his shoulder, I saw Niall craning his neck to sneak a peek at me. Smith was tall.

"What do I call you?" I asked,unsure, as he released my hand. I flexed my hand,fidgeting with my fingers.

"Whatever you feel comfortable with," he replies in a smooth tone. 

"Jamie?" I hear Niall call from behind Smith. I heave a sigh of relief. Niall looks worried and confused, which makes for a very adorable expression.

"Who's he?" he asks abruptly. Liam was right when he said Niall likes to say what he thinks. But while Liam thinks it makes Niall the least romantic among them, I personally feel it makes Niall even more adorable. At least he's blatantly honest about everything.

I smiled apologetically at Smith as I slid past him to Niall. Niall instinctively reached out for my hand,sensing my nervousness. His touch was comforting so I automatically relaxed.

"Smith, meet my boyfriend,Niall Horan. Niall,meet Smith...my...father," I introduced them, my voice lowering to a whisper towards the end. Niall's eyes widened,his eyebrows arched. He looked at me questioningly. I shrugged. 

"Aren't you from that British boy band? One Direction?" Smith asked.

"British-Irish," Niall corrected. "And yeah. Are you a fan?" 

"Oh,sorry," Smith apologised. "But no,not me.My daughter. She's an enormous fan of yours," he gushed.

My heart sank. "Your...daughter?" I murmured.

Smith flipped his hat. ''Yeah. My uh...wife and daughter back in Florida,'' he replied.

''Oh,'' I nodded,smiling,trying to hide my disappointment. But who was he to blame? He never knew about my existence...till now. I mentally noted that he lives in Florida- a place Liam has always wanted to visit again.

''Ma'am,'' Smith greeted my aunt, who had gotten out from her seat. She smiled and shook his hand that he offered.

''Do you want to go back to the flat,love? You look tired,'' Niall remarked, as Smith and my aunt were engaged in a conversation. I nodded and Niall wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

''Hey,we'll be going back to the flat now,'' I informed Smith. ''You can...come along if you want,'' I offered hesitantly. Smith nodded. Of course,he tagged along. And so did my aunt, since she had to pick up my sisters from the care of the four childish boys back at the flat. There had been a change in plans-the nanny she hired had fallen ill,and no replacement was available. We shared a cab and Smith insisted on paying the fare. We walked inside to the sight of my sisters and the boys running around,creating an absolute chaos. And the flat was a complete mess, as predicted. Upon seeing us, they all dropped whatever they were holding, staring at us, wide-eyed.

''Well,helloo,'' Louis greeted, smiling. I shook my head, hiding a smile.

''Smith, these are my sisters,Darcy and Quinn,'' I informed him. As I said it, I realised I now had three sisters. Wow. ''And this is Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry,'' I continued and as I called their names, they took the initiative to shake his hand. My aunt went over to Darcy and Quinn who had quizzical looks on their face. She was whispering something into their ears. ''Boys,'' I called, bringing my attention back to the boys. ''This is Smith...and he's my...father.'' All their eyes widened, their mouth hanging slightly ajar. ''Well, I'm going to go change now. Please,make yourself at home,'' I told Smith, already heading to my room. Niall was following me..as were the other four boys. Once in my room, I sat on the bed, cross-legged, waiting for the boys to file in to explain everything to them. The boys proceeded to sit in a circle around me on my bed, Niall closest to me. I reached out for his hand and he took mine willingly, giving me the assurance I needed. And that's when I got bombarded by all their questions, most in an impatient,demanding tone.

''Whoa whoa whoa,''Niall cautioned. "Lads," he called.

''Don't get your knickers in a twist,'' I joked, and then began to explain everything,starting from Mum's letter.

*Niall's P.O.V*

Jamie explained everything, including intricate details. The lads nodded their head in understanding. Meanwhile, I couldn't really pay her my utmost attention. Something was on my mind. 

"I'm going to go grab me a snack," I said, Jamie laughing.

"Alright well, grab one for me too,will ya?" Jamie asked, imitating my Irish accent. She was actually really good at doing accents. Which is hot.

I nodded and leaned down to peck her on her lips.

"Ugh,Niall," Louis groaned, closing his eyes with his hand.

"Well, I don't complain when you and Eleanor are making sex sounds in your hotel room, do I?" I replied. All their faces turned to look at me, Louis' face was as red as a tomato. "You smell!" I shouted in Louis' face, chuckling and running out of the room. I heard Jamie's laughter through the door, which made me smile even more.

Now that's what I call  great craic.

I decide to grab myself a bag of nuts from the fridge and start popping a few in my mouth.

Ah. There he is.

"It's her birthday tomorrow," I said, walking up behind Smith. The girls are gone, which means so is Jamie's aunt.

"Oh," he murmured, his forehead crinkled.

"You should get her something. It doesn't need to be expensive," I advised him.

"I will. Thanks. You're a good man," he complimented, patting my shoulder. I smiled and walked back to Jamie's room.

When I got back, one of Jamie's drawers was on Louis' head.

"Oi!" I yelled, throwing the bag of nuts to Jamie,which she catched. "Give those back to my mot!" I instructed.  (A/N: 'Mot' is an Irish slang for girlfriend)

Louis was acting the eejit. (A/N: 'acting the eejit' means to behave foolishly in Irish slang. Thanks to Nialler's Sweetheart!:)) Meanwhile,Jamie was scarlet, her cheeks a bright pink. 

At least the plan was working. It didn't seem like she had any idea of what we had planned. Which was just the way we wanted it.

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