Riding A Rollercoaster (sequel to 'Promises')

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  • Published: 29 Dec 2012
  • Updated: 4 Apr 2014
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Life is great for Jamie Sullivan. Everything seems to be falling place. She has her family around her and she's having the time of her life with the boys One Direction-Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and the love of her life, Niall Horan. And she is truly, genuinely happy. She couldn't possibly ask for anything more. But nothing is permanent. When a stranger somehow connected to her past enters her life, things start to change. How will these 'changes' affect the relationships between Jamie and the boys, especially the one with Niall? Will this stranger make Jamie's life better than it already is? Or will she lose the happiness she's been trying so hard to hold on to?


26. A Forgotten Memory

*Jamie's P.O.V*

"Niall!" Liam groaned, swiping his hand at the air in front of him.

"That's horrible!"

The rest of us laughed.

"It's a perfectly natural thing to do," I said dismissively, not bothered Niall releasing gas at the table. Niall casually slung his arm around my shoulders. 

"Tanks," Niall said.

I shrugged and popped the last chip dipped in chilli sauce into my mouth and chewed slowly before swallowing.

"Who wants the last piece of chicken?" Harry asked.

"Me!" Niall answered enthusiastically, raising his hand.

"But you already ate two whole breasts!" Liam said. We all looked at him, our eyebrows arched.

Well, that was a strange thing to say.

"Just give it to him," Zayn grunted. "How is it you can eat so much and eat anything you want and still look like you do?" Zayn asked, clearly annoyed.

Niall shrugged.

"I think it's the Irish thing," I answered.

"Yeah she's probably right," Niall agreed, drizzling the chicken in Peri-Peri sauce before cutting a small piece out. Before he could put it in his mouth, I grabbed it right off the fork and popped it into my mouth and chewed slowly before washing it down with some Coca-Cola.

"Wow he must really like you to share his food with you," a female voice said. 

"Perrie!" I said cheerfully.

"Hey," she greeted, leaning down to hug me since I couldn't stand up on my own."You look amazing,Jamie."

"Hello love!" Louis greeted, standing up to hug and greet her, just as the other boys did before she settled into her seat beside Zayn. Harry took this opportunity to pinch Louis's arse.

"Cheeky bastard," Louis muttered, smacking the back of Harry's head.

"Phew! The paparazzi are relentless! Anyway,rehearsals ended early so I thought I'd drop by and visit some of my favourite people in the world," Perrie told us, taking a small sip from Zayn's glass of water, ignoring the group of men with cameras waving frantically at our table that was fortunately quite a distance away from the windows. It didn't really bother me anymore.

"I'd offer you some chicken but Niall-"

"Jamie," Niall corrected.

"Took the last piece," Zayn continued.

Perrie giggled, taking a chip from Zayn's plate. I took a big sip from my drink, smiling innocently.

"Sorry," I apologized.

"It's fine," Perrie said. "But..." she continued, "as an apology, you have to go shopping with me," she told me cheekily.

"I thought you said it was fine!" I whined. "And I don't like going shopping...or crowds..."

Perrie raised one eyebrow at me. I ignored that look and continued sipping up my drink. Frustrated, she smacked Zayn's arm,making him jump.

"What?" he asked, continuing to play with his fork.

Perrie glared at him.

"Jamie, you really should go shopping with Perrie," he said quickly. "Please," he begged.

"Liam, do you remember the spork you encountered the other day?" I asked. Liam's eyes widened and he dropped the fork he was holding.

"Yeah, I was absolutely gobsmacked!" Liam exclaimed, getting excited.

"Wait, hold on. You're a cheeky one,eh?" Perrie noted. She stared at me without blinking.

"Alright alright..." I relented. "I'll-" my phone buzzed in my pocket. "Hold on," I told her, answering my phone. "Hello?"

"Jamie," the other voice replied, sounding relieved and tired. I almost didn't recognize his voice.

"James?" I asked. "Are you alright?"

He let out a loud sigh. "Yeah," he scoffed. "How are you?" 

I smiled.

"You sound well. I can hear you smiling," he chuckled. "Are you busy tonight?"

I pursed my lips and glanced at Perrie.

"If you're not busy, I was wondering if you'd Iike to come over?" 

I bit down on my lip.

"I miss you," he told me. I sighed.

He's one of my best friends. "I miss you too. I'll be there," I told him.

"That's terrific! I'll see you soon."

I hung up the phone when I heard the line go dead.

"Who was that?" Niall asked, trying to mask his jealousy.

"James. Sorry Perrie but it looks like I can't go shopping tonight. Besides, this wheelchair would make it difficult to go shopping," I said.

"Oh don't pretend like you're not gloating," she grumbled. 

"What did he want?" Niall demanded.

"What is with all this animosity?" I joked. But Niall wasn't smiling.

"Sweetheart, are you jealous?"

Slowly, his lips broke into a smile. "Just be careful," he advised.

I rolled my eyes. "Just finish up your meal."


"Do you want me to pick you up?" Niall asked as he dropped me off.

"No, I'll ask James to send me back," I told him.

"Are ye sure?"

I raised my eyebrow at him.

"Alright," he backed off. "At least give me a kiss?"

I leaned over and pressed my lips to his.

"I have to go," I  mumbled against his lips.

"Just a little longer," he mumbled, wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me closer.

"No, I have to-" I argued, but he silenced me with his lips. He started kissing my neck.

"No, stop!" I pleaded, between laughs as he tickled my sides. "Niall!" I squealed, squirming in my seat.


I gasped and jumped back into my seat.

"James," I murmured. 

"Need some help?" 

I nodded. "Thanks." 

James held the door open as I clambered clumsily out of my seat, with the help of James who let me lean on him for support.

"I'll see you later," I told Niall. 

"I love you," he said.

"I love you too."

"Right. We should get inside," James noted.

I huffed. "Just let me catch my breath." 

"Oh come on," James chuckled, picking me up carrying me bridle style, causing me to drop my crutches which fell to the pavement.

"What are you doing?" I asked, laughing. 

"I'm carrying you into my flat because you're too tired to do it by yourself," he informed me, carrying me all the way inside and sitting me down at the dining table.

"What is this?" I asked, noticing the candlelit dinner that had been prepared.

"Hold on, let me go get your crutches," he murmured, ignoring the question.

"Spaghetti?" I asked incredulously, suppressing a smile.

"It's the only dish I could cook," he answered, placing my crutches near me."Bon Appetit."


"Hmm?" he hummed, his mouth full of spaghetti. 

"What is this all about? You couldn't have invited me over just for spaghetti."

"Why can't two friends just share a dinner?" 

I stared at him.

"Fine!" he relented. "I'm going on tour with Brad and Tris. We're opening for the McFlys."

"That's brilliant!" I gasped.


"Then why aren't you happy?"

"I'll be gone for 3 months," he said sullenly.


"You'll be gone for 10."

He looked down on his plate. 

"Well, it's not like we won't see each other forever," I joked.

He mumbled something intelligible.


"Nothing," he said. He let out a loud sigh. "Anyway, Sullivan huh?"

I scoffed. 

"Do you want to talk about him?"

I shook my head. 

"Alright then. We'll talk about something else. Just promise me you'll be careful?"

I nodded.

After dinner, we talked and talked, just two friends enjoying each other's company.

"I should get going," I said. "It's late." I checked my phone.

"Let me take you back," he offered.

"No, It's fine. I just texted Niall. I'll be staying over at my aunt's tonight. Haven't spent time with Darcy and Quinn for a while. And it's nearby."

"Anything can happen when you're walking across the street. Especially when it's you," he teased. I smacked his arm playfully. "For old time's sake?" he pleaded.

I groaned. "Just promise me you won't sweep me off my feet."

"No promises," he replied, passing me my crutches and helping me to my feet. "So has your memory of the night of the accident come back yet?" he asked curiously as we slowly walked across the street. 

"No," I answered."It's a forgotten memory." I grimaced. "Besides, why would I even WANT to remember?" 

"Well, some things are worth remembering."

"There's nothing I could possibly want to remember about that night," I argued.

Suddenly, he stopped walking.

"What's wrong?" I asked, confused. He started walking again, shaking his head.

"Nothing. Can I ask you a personal question?"

"Depends," I replied, stopping to catch my breath. We had reached the pavement. 

"Have you slept with Niall yet?"

I exhaled, gobsmacked. I started moving again. 

"No," I replied softly as he caught up with me. 

"Oh.Why?" he inquired. 

"That's my business," I grumbled, getting annoyed by his pestering. 

"Just tell me," he pleaded. I tried walking faster but the crutches didn't help.

"Just leave it," I spit through my teeth.

"I won't tell anyone," he promised.

I got frustrated so I just kept silent, refusing to answer him. It started drizzling.

"Why won't you tell me?" he demanded, the frustration clear in his voice. 

I remained silent. 

"Maybe it's because you want to do it with me!" he shouted, as it started raining heavily.

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