Over Again

Bethany Greene is your average seventeen year old oh yeah I forgot to mention her childhood best friend is Zayn Malik. When Zayn introduced Bethany to his bandmate Harry Styles they fall in love. Right before a One direction tour Harry and Bethany take it to the next step. Now Bethany is pregnant and Harry basically forgot about her. Will he find out? Read and find out.


1. Remember me?

Bethany's Pov:  I looked down at the caller ID on my phone and smiled. My best friend Zayn Malik is coming back from a four month tour today! Oh and did I mention I am four months pregnant. I pick up my iPhone and hit the answer button. "Meet me at the coffee shop down town in five! I'll bring Harry." he said. "What! No!" I yelled. "You have to tell him, it's now or never." "Fine!" I sigh and hang up.    *At the coffee shop*   As I pull into the parking lot of the coffee shop I see Zayn and a very annoyed looking Harry. For a second Harry looked into my eyes and then quickly looked away. I step out of the car and run up to Zayn. "Omg! I've missed you so much!!" he smiles. "I've missed you too!" I squeal. We walk into the coffee shop without a word and then we sit down. (I wore very flowy things and a puffy jacket to cover up my bump) "I'll go order the coffees be right back." Zayn says and disappears in to a long line of people. "Hello. Long time no see." I say. "Hey." he says staring out the window. "So what did Zayn drag me here to tell me?" he asks still stating out the window clearly not happy I'm here. "Um... Well...um..." I try to say something. "Just spit it out god damn it!!!" he yells. Why is he being like this? I think to myself. "I'M PREGNANT WITH YOUR BABY!!!" I scream. Right before l run out the door I hear him yelling my name but I just kept running. I just kept running and running until someone stopped me. "Bethany!" a husky voice yelled out of breath. 

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