Over Again

Bethany Greene is your average seventeen year old oh yeah I forgot to mention her childhood best friend is Zayn Malik. When Zayn introduced Bethany to his bandmate Harry Styles they fall in love. Right before a One direction tour Harry and Bethany take it to the next step. Now Bethany is pregnant and Harry basically forgot about her. Will he find out? Read and find out.


2. One more chance?

Bethany's Pov:   "Bethany!" a husky voice yelled out of breath grabbing on to my arm. Harry. "What?!?!" I yell. "I'm sorry." he says. His next actions surprised me. He took a step forward and hugged me. I hugged back. "Can we start over?" he whispers in to my ear. "Of course. But it will take time for me to fully trust you again. " I whisper back. After a while we pull apart and then Harry looks down at my stomach. "Wow." he says. "Wow is right!"   "You know I've loved since the day I layed eyes on you?" he says. "No." I said. "Well I love you Bethany Marie!" he shouts. "Isn't that a little too fast?" I ask "Well you're having my kid right?" he smirks. Just then Zayn pulls up in his car. "There you guys are! get in and lets go back to the coffee shop and tell me everything that happened." Harry and I just look at each other and smile.    *At the coffee shop*   We told Zayn everything. He just smiles and whispers into Harry's ear. "Erm.. Can I ask you something Bethany? Harry asks."Yeah!" I say. "Will you move in with me.. Well Zayn and I share a flat so..?" he questions. "Yes!" I squeal. "Let's go to your flat and get your things." Zayn says. I guess I might have a happy ending after all.. Maybe...     ~Morgan  


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