pointless rants (post your rants here!)

Okay so I know that everyone gets annoyed sometimes. I also know that its good to let it out once in a while. So if you want then please post your rant in the comment section below!!! I know that probably no one will read this but if you are youre probably thinking 'why the fuck should I?' just please know that I'm not forcing you! You can rant about anything; from schoolmates to technology. From parents to movellas. ANYTHING!
Yeah so I'm probably only going to get like two people comment on this and then I'll just look like a massive saddo... which I am anyway :)


1. My Rant

to give you some insperation i'll start off with a small rant. Its about technology.

So anyone who has a blackberry will know that you have to charge it for about literally five hours before it is fully full of power. Thats one of the most annoying things ever! My uncle says that iPhones are about 10x worse so is it just blackbererys or all smart phones...?

Another thing is my iPod. When it runs out of battery I charge it straight away. But then it takes like 10 minutes before turning back on again.

The last thing I'll mention is the shitty computer I'm writing on right now. It takes FOREVER to load and the frickin keyboard clicks really loudly (not ideal when you're up writing a late-night movella as I am)! And the mouse always flippin freezes!!! Do you have any idea how pissing annoying that is? Sometimes It'll just turn itself off altogether! I really aught to buy a laptop with my christmas money...

Anyway, thats all for today kids!

Look out for my movellas Weak Abilites (which I may need co-authors for) and Aura (my entry for the cover competition).


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