Summer Love

Jasmine is the popular girl at school, but once her crowd dumps her, shes stuck at a stupid summer camp! But she soon falls for her cabin room mate, Niall Horan. Shes starting to make new friends, including Lulu, the cutie after her new love. In all the confusion, Summer is ending! What will Jasmine do when she doesn't see her love when summer ends?


1. Prolouge

Jasmine's P.O.V.


     I'm Jasmine. The popular girl in school. The one that everyone knows and respects.

     Guess what?! SCHOOL IS ABOUT TO GO OUT! Eeeek! Me and my crew will be able to chill and talk about everything! I'm even hoping to find my own summer love. I mean, I'm 14, where's my boyfriend? Huh?

     Anyways, it will be the best summer ever!!

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