The Marriage 101 Project

When you're fake-married to someone you hate it's definately not raindrops and roses but can real feelings be made from fake ones?


20. Time To Go

Niall's POV


N: Did you just say tonight?

J: Yes. I'm sorry, Niall.

N: It's not your fault, Jessie.

J: But it is.

N: How is it?

J: I'm leaving you thats how its my fault. I haven't even asked if I could stay here.

N: Jess. It is not your fault your grandma lives in Scotland.

J: But...

N: It's not.

J: You're cute when you're mad

N: Oh sorry

J: Baby.

N: WHAT?! Did you just call me a baby?

J: Yes. What you gonna do about it?

N: This...


Then I started tickling her while she kept screaming my name and telling me to stop. When she flipped us over so she was on top I gave in and she started tickling me. Flipping Heck shes strong.




Me and Jess are at the train station waiting for Jessie's train to Scotland. Jessie is in floods of tears and I'm hugging her.


N: We won't be apart for long.

J: We won't?

N: No we won't. I'll see you again soon.

J: I can't believe how lucky I am to have such a wonderful boyfriend.

N: I'm not wonderful. I'm just treating you like you deserve.


That's when the train pulled up. Jessie looked up at me wiping her tears away and grabbed her carry on. I held her hand and let go as she was about to step in the train. Then we kissed.


J: I love you

N: I love you too. You stole my heart.


Then she got on the train and as it drove away me and Jess were just looking at each other mouthing how much we love each other. When the train was out of sight I went outside and started to get into my car. As I was about to get in I got a text from Jess.


<From, Jessiebear To, Nialler <3>

 I love you. Look behind you.


I smiled as I read it then turned around and through the rain I noticed a girl. My girl. JESS! She ran up to me and I spun her around kissing her sofly on the lips.


N: Why are you still here?

J: I can't leave you, Niall. I love you too much.

N: What about your grandma?

J: I talked to her and she said that I could stay!


Then I put Jess down, grabbed her hand and we got in the car. Jess was squeezing the water out of her hair and even soaked she's beautiful.


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