The Marriage 101 Project

When you're fake-married to someone you hate it's definately not raindrops and roses but can real feelings be made from fake ones?


5. The Wedding

No-ones POV

Jess was waiting for the clock to chime one for the wedding to start. She was standing outside the dining room door (the weddings were hosted here) with her best friend, El. You could tell both her and Harry were very excited. There are only 30 seconds until one so here we go. As the music started and Eleanor grabbed hold of the back of Jess' wedding dress Jess had a huge grin on her face and so did Harry. Everyone in the class either made an aww or an ooo sound at Jess' beautiful dress. Everything about this day was perfect for these two. They loved each other but they always kept it hidden. Away from the eyes of both the other person and everyone else. The only person who knew about Jess' love for Harry was Eleanor since Jess felt she could trust her with everything and the only person who knew about Harry's love for Jess was Liam since Harry knew Louis would tell everyone and he could trust Liam to stay quiet about it. When Jess made it to the front of the class she handed the bouquet she had to Eleanor and she grabbed hold of Harry's hands. They both complimented each other with a whisper so no-one else could hear and then the ceremony took place. Harry and Jess' vows were heartfelt and every word was true even though the other thought it was all false and made up. When the rings were given out and Mrs Harrison (she was the host of the weddings) said you can now kiss the bride. Harry and Jess both leaned in waiting for Anne to interupt them trying to kiss like she normally did and she never came so they got to kiss.


J: I never thought you'd kiss me.

H: I know. My mum always interupted us.


Jess giggled and then they kissed again. When the wedding was over Harry and Jess walked out of the dining room door and went outside so they could have a private chat.


H: Jess, you know before you said you thought I'd never kiss you

J: Yes?

H: Did you actually want me to kiss you?

J: Yes I did. You will kill me for this but I sort of have a crush on you now.

H: I have a crush on you too. It started when I first saw you in that dress.

J: Mine started when I first saw you in that tuxedo.

H: Have you told anyone?

J: Only my best friend El who never breaks a promise and keeps secrets

H: I only told Liam

J: Why not Louis?

H: Louis tells everyone everything.

J: Oh. Alright. What now?

H: Well...


Then Harry kissed Jess again and then they ran back inside while holding hands the entire time.

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