The Marriage 101 Project

When you're fake-married to someone you hate it's definately not raindrops and roses but can real feelings be made from fake ones?


1. The Project

Jess' POV

Why do they such stupid things as the marriage 101 project?! I thought as the bell for first lesson rang. First I had health & social and today we were being assigned be married to.......for a month. Even worse the five lads I hate most are in that class and there are only 15 boys in that class so there's a 3rd of a chance I'll be paired with one of them. Just great. I have the seat next to the worst of the five, Harry Styles. Honestly, why, god, why did you have to sit me next to him? I walked in the door and great he's already sat down with his four best mates crowded around him. Just great. I hate them all....but I guess Louis is sort of cute...anyway, I had to get to my seat somehow. Niall noticed me and pointed me out to Harry.


H: Hey, babe

J: Shut up.

H: Aww. Come on baby, don't be like that.

J: Just be quiet. Can you please move your legs so I can get to my seat?

H: It costs you one kiss.

J: Not a chance, Styles.

H: How are you going to get to your seat then?


I tried to walk around but the other boys blocked me off. Then I noticed the really big window next to my seat was open and so was the one at the back of the classroom.


J: Styles, watch and learn.

H: This'll be good


I jumped out of the back window and climbed into the window right next to my desk. I sat down and looked at Harry with a 'Ha I told you' type look. They looked genuinely shocked so I flipped my hair.


LP: Wow! That was amazing! The way you flipped your hair made me overwhelmed.

J: I told you.


Harry whacked Liam on the arm for saying anything and then our teacher Mrs Dolly Harrison came in.


Harry's POV

Jess is so annoying. If I am paired with her for this project now I swear I will die!


D: Today I will pair you up for the marriage 101 project.

N: I'm hungry.

D: Niall and Marie.

M: Yes!

N: Oh no!

D: Jason and Georgina. Louis and Eleanor.

J: *whispers* damn it

D: Zayn and Sarah. Liam and Hannah.

J: *Whispers* damn it that means I'm with....

D: Harry and Jess


Oh god! I have to married to her for a whole month! This stinks! I wonder what Jess thinks of all this....



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