The Marriage 101 Project

When you're fake-married to someone you hate it's definately not raindrops and roses but can real feelings be made from fake ones?


8. The Baby Project

Harry's POV

That was the best weekend ever! I told Jess I loved her and she told me she loved me back. Anyway, now its Monday so we're back at school.

D: Today, something new will be added to the marriage project. You will each have a baby.


Aw cute. A baby. I hope ours is a girl so we can call her Darcy.


D:  You will have this baby for two weeks. You have to give the baby a name.

H: Do the babies have a certain gender?

D: Yes, some of you will have boys and some will have girls. I'll just pass the babies out now.


Then she passed mine and Jess' baby to us and since it had a pink nappy I guess it's a girl.


J: Aww. It's a girl. Harry?

H: Yes?

J: Can we call her Darcy?

H: That's the name I was going to mention. I have always loved that name. So yes we can.

D: Has everyone named their baby?


The whole class said yes.


D: You will all come up to the front and introduce your baby's name and give it a birthday.

J: *whispers* I have a special birthday for the baby, Harry.

H: *whispers* what is it?

J: *whispers* not telling.


She called every couple up to front seperately and they introduced their babies. Louis' baby was a boy and its called Tommy. Tommy's birthday is on 27th September. Liam's baby was a girl and she's called Taylor. Taylor's birthday was 7th January. Zayn had his baby girl (Anna) on 8th January and Niall's baby girl was born on 11th November and she's called Katie. Dolly called our name and Jess had hold of Darcy at the front.


H: Everyone this is our baby girl and she's called Darcy.

J: She was born on 12th January.

D: Alright, thank you.


Then we went and sat back down.


Jess' POV

When recess started Harry asked if he could ask me something so we went off to a private place to chat.


H: Why is the Darcy's birthday the 12th January?

J: She was born on the day we first said I love you to each other.

H: Aww. That's adorable. Love you.

J: Love you too.


Then we kissed and went back to the classroom for the next session. As we sat down the bell went and Darcy started crying so I got Harry to sing to her while I rocked her. She stopped crying as soon as she heard Harry singing like an angel.


D: Ladies and Gentlemen, that is good parenting that Jess and Harry just showed.

LT: How?

D: They used teamwork and they knew straight away what the baby wanted.

N: How did you two know?

J: I have a little baby brother at home and the different crying frequencies vary for what the baby wants.

N: What?

J: Oh no!

H: Jess, I didn't know you were smart.

J: No-one did but now everyone does!

H: Jess, it doesn't matter.

J: But it does. How come only our baby started crying.


Just as I said that Louis', Niall's, Zayn's and Liam's babies all started crying.

LP: Jess, what does Taylor want?

D: She's not allowed to help you.


I turned around to Liam mouthed that she need burping. He nodded and mouthed thank you. I then turned to Louis and mouthed change the nappy so he excused himself to go change Tommy's nappy. He mouthed 'Thanks' on the way out and I winked at him. I then told Harry to tell Zayn that Anna needed rocking and to sing to her. So he sang 'Let Me Love You' and Anna shut up. He'll make a good dad. They all will. I turned around to Niall who's sat right behind me and whispered to him that Katie needed feeding. He thanked me and started feeding her. When he thought she had had enough he pulled away the bottle but she cried wanting more. He said 'That's my girl' and carried on feeding her until she didn't want anymore then he burped her. He said he knew that he had to do that after feeding because his mum told him. After class it was lunch time and when all the lads were outside with me, Darcy, Harry and all the other babies we chatted for a bit.


LP: Thanks so much. I owe you one.

N: My little girl is so amazing. She loves food just like her dad.

J: I guess now you know I'm smart you should see who I really am.


I got my glasses out of my bag and put them on and then took my advanced books out of my bag.


J: This is real. This is actually me. I am supposed to wear glasses but I've always been ashamed.

LT: Jess, we accept you just the way you are.

H: Guys, before we go get dinner I have something to tell you.

Z: What is it?

H: You know Darcy's birthday is 12th January.

Z: Yes.

H: Well that's when me and Jess first said I love you to each other.

N: We knew you were dating but that is so sweet. I wish Marie would leave me alone though.


Then Marie came running over. Damn it! She's going to see my glasses so I quickly took them off and hid the books. As soon as Niall spotted her he said bye and ran to the dinner hall trying to get away from Marie. We all just laughed as Marie chased him. Then we set off to the dinner hall ourselves and sat where the lads normally sit was Niall. They invited me to sit with them and we chatted for the whole of lunch time.


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