The Marriage 101 Project

When you're fake-married to someone you hate it's definately not raindrops and roses but can real feelings be made from fake ones?


4. Shopping With Anne

Jess' POV

Anne had a long list of things for the wedding. It's the wedding tomorrow. We only really need the dress and veil for me and the tux for Harry.

H: Mum, We only need the dress and veil for Jess and the tux for me.

A: We need a lot more then that!

H: *whispers* how come you're not talking to her?

J: *whispers* I'm trying to make a good impression

H: *whispers* say what you think

J: Anne?

A: Yes?

J: I think we only need the dress, veil and tux too. It's only a fake wedding.

A: Thank you for being honest.

H: *whispers* my mum listens to you and not me?


I giggled. I hate my giggle and covered my mouth to stop it.


H: Jess, you shouldn't hate your giggle. It's adorable.


I think I'm starting to fancy Harry. He started to lean in to kiss me when Anne interupted....again.


A: I'm just going to the bathroom kids. I'll be 5 minutes.

H: *whispers* more like 50 minutes.


I giggled again and just as we were about to kiss Anne interupted. Oh for the love of fudge! Everytime me and Harry are about to kiss she interupts.


A: Since we have everything let's go home now. Bet you two are excited for tomorrow.


She can say that again.

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