The Marriage 101 Project

When you're fake-married to someone you hate it's definately not raindrops and roses but can real feelings be made from fake ones?


9. Niall and Jess

Niall's POV

Thank god I got away from Marie! I can't believe Jess is really smart and she didn't tell me! Its amazing! Maybe she could be my English tutor.....


J: Hey Nialler

N: Hi

J: What were you thinking about?

N: Nothing

J: Ok.

N: I was just wondering if you'd maybe be my English tutor

J: Sure. You only had to ask. I'm free everyday of the week.

N: Can it be on Wednesdays?

J: Why?

N: Because then I'll have something to look forward to on Wednesdays.

J: Aw. That's so sweet.

N: It's true though.

J: Aw. I was just wondering if you wanted any other help with the baby.

N: I was just going to ask if you could teach me the different frequencies of the crying.

J: Why don't we do a baby hour during the week where we help each other

N: I love that idea! I just wanted to say that you look gorgeous with those glasses on

J: I really don't

N: Yes you do. I love you.

J: Love you too. When should we do it?

N: How about every Sunday?

J: Yeah sure. Should we start the tutoring tomorrow?

N: I was going to mention that and say we should.

J: Ok

N: I think you need my number

J: Alright. Here's my phone so you can type any name in.

N: Alright.


Then she passed me her phone so I entered my number and labelled it as 'Nialler <3' she loved it when she saw it.


Jess' POV

Haha. Niall entered his number into my phone as 'Nialler <3' that is so sweet! He's sweet. His adorable blue eyes. His blondy browny hair. His cute Irish acce...No Jess no. You love Harry not Niall. I had a silent arguement inside my head. The rest of the boys came and sat down. Harry asked to speak to me privately and grabbed my hand. I didn't even have chance to put my drink down. When we were in a private place he let go of my hand.


H: Jess, we're done

J: What?

H: I'm breaking up with you.

J: Why?

H: Niall's the reason

J: What?

H: I saw Niall's face when you were talking.

J: What did he do?

H: He looked like he REALLY liked you.

J: Well then, Harry, you deserve this.


Then I threw my drink in his face and stormed off to Niall 

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