The Marriage 101 Project

When you're fake-married to someone you hate it's definately not raindrops and roses but can real feelings be made from fake ones?


11. Niall and Jess: Together At Last?

Niall's POV

Me and Jessie (thats my nickname for Jess) were stood outside in the rain, she had my jacket around her shoulders, we had just kissed and we were now hugging. I asked Jessie to go out with me and she looked straight into my eyes and replied 'Nialler, of course I will' so we kissed again. I started celebrating and she accused me of being funny and random. If you didn't know that at the start then you don't know me very well. Ahaha. I took her inside and we hugged next to the radiator to dry off. The bell went so we had to go back to Miss Harrison's classroom to carry on with our babies. To be honest I had completely forgot about the marriage 101 project because Marie had hold of our baby (I wish I didn't have it) Dolly informed us that it's the final day of the marriage project today so I am no longer married to Marie. WOOHOO! As soon as we had handed our babies back it was the end of the day so I asked Jessie if she'd come back to my house to hang out and she said yes so I drove her back to my house. I had left my keys at home since my house keys are seperate from my car keys. I knocked on and my mum answered it about 10 seconds later.


N: Mum, this is my girlfriend, Jess

M: Nice to meet you, Jess 

J: It's lovely to meet you too Mrs Horan.

M: Please call me Maura

J: Alright Maura

M: Come on in Jess

J: Thank you


Then I took hold of Jessie's hand and took her inside. We had a lovely night in all and my mum and Jessie got along really well. I drove her back to her house and when she was about to get out of the car I asked her if she'd spend the whole day with me tomorrow since it's Saturday tomorrow. She said she'd love to and I gave her a goodnight kiss then she got out and I drove home. I stayed up really late planning what we were going to do tomorrow. I hope she'll like what I have planned for tomorrow.

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