The Marriage 101 Project

When you're fake-married to someone you hate it's definately not raindrops and roses but can real feelings be made from fake ones?


17. Meet Niall's Family

Niall's POV

When I woke up the next day Jessie was still asleep. She's so beautiful. I must've been staring at her beautiful sleeping face for a while because she said "take a picture it'll last longer." I did as I was told and took a photo of her.


J: I didn't really mean it, you idiot

N: I'm not an idiot. I'm your Irish idiot

J: Yes you are and I love you for it.

N: Love you too


Then I gave her a peck on the lips and got dressed.


N: Jessie, we're going for a picnic today

J: I love picnics. Not as much as you love pints though.

N: Got that right. I love pints. I love pints. C'mon Ireland.



She laughed then got up and put on a blue summer dress with matching blue flats. She is breathtaking isn't she? When she was dressed I packed the picnic and we got in the car. She's going to meet my family today. They came from Mullingar to come to London to meet the girl in my life. When we got there I set out the picnic then my mum and Greg came and sat with us.


J: Niall, I didn't know your family were coming

N: I didn't tell you because you'd have been nervous

M: Lovely to meet you, Jess. I'm Maura.

J: It's lovely to meet you too, Maura.

G: Hello I'm Greg

J: Hi Greg

D: I'm Denise, Greg's wife

J: Nice to meet you all.


Then we all tucked into a lovely picnic or should I say MY lovely picnic. Hehe. Jess got along with my family really well and we all just chatted for ages. After we had finished the picnic we got out all the stuff from the car like the football and the frisbee. We played all day and the day flew by. It was perfect and they stayed at my apartment for the night. I slept with a smile baring my face since everything went just the way I wanted it

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