The Marriage 101 Project

When you're fake-married to someone you hate it's definately not raindrops and roses but can real feelings be made from fake ones?


3. Jess in the wedding dress

Harry's POV

I think I might be falling for Jess. The way her hair flew in the wind while I was driving her to my house.....I mean our house. I opened the car door for her when we got there and when we got inside I yelled up the stairs to my mum saying that I was home. She came sprinting down the stairs.


A: Hi Har....who's this?

H: This is Jess. She is my wife for the next month so she has to live here.

A: They have ridiculous projects at your school but its lovely to meet you dear.


Then they shook hands so thumbs up so far. I explained the whole project to my mother and told her our wedding was on Thursday. She seemed excited. mum told Jess to follow her to sort out something for the "wedding", grabbed hold of her hand, dragged her into the living room and she yelled to me to go get changed.


Jess' POV

Anne is really nice considering I was literally just thrown into her home. She was getting very excited.

A: Tomorrow we'll go shopping for everything but first I'll get my wedding dress and we'll edit it to fit you.

J: Are you sure? I mean ours isn't a proper wedding but yours is your actual wedding dress.

A: It's fine, dear. Here it is.


She got out a lovely wedding dress and took me into a room that looked like a dress fitting room. She made me go and get changed into the wedding dress. I was very careful not to rip it and suprisingly it fitted. I came out and she said I looked lovely. She made me stand on a big stool and she sewed the wedding dress so it fit perfectly. She then curled my hair and put a lovely veil on me. I looked at my reflection and saw someone who couldn't have been me because I looked gorgeous and I look really bad most of the time. Just as she helped me down so she could look at me from the front Harry walked in.


Harry's POV

I had just put my tux on and wanted my mum to edit it so I want to the fitting room to look for her. As I opened the door I caught sight of an absolutely gorgeous girl in my mums wedding dress. Jess. She looked even more beautiful then she normally did and trust me that must've been extremely hard! When Jess caught sight of me she called my name. I must've been staring.


H: Sorry. You look amazing in that dress and I.........

J: It's fine, Harry.


My mum was looking at both of us and sighed loudly. I looked at her and she left the room.


J: Do I honestly look alright in this dress?

H: Yes, you look as gorgeous as you normally do

J: I'm not normally even pretty never mind gorgeous.

H: You are, Jess. Look in the mirror and tell me you don't look amazing in that dress,


She looked back into the mirror and she sighed with a smile on her face then she turned back around.


H: I told you didn't I?

J: Yes, you did. Oh and by the way you look amazing in that tux.

H: Thanks.


Then we looked into each others eyes and were about to kiss when my mum interupted us.

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