The Marriage 101 Project

When you're fake-married to someone you hate it's definately not raindrops and roses but can real feelings be made from fake ones?


6. I love you

Harry's POV
I have been 'married' to Jess for two whole days and even though I love her for some reason I can't say it. I have never been that good at relationships to be honest. Thank goodness it's Saturday and me and Jess can spend the whole weekend together. Yesterday my mum gave us permission to spend the weekend back at West Holmes just me and Jess. It was about 7pm and I had just finished setting up dinner. I had asked Jess to put her nicest outfit on because we were having a meal and she agreed. She came down just as I had finished getting everything ready. She looked absolutely breathtaking. She had curled her hair and pinned two pieces of it to one side fastening it with a blue flower to match her eyes and she was wearing a blue floaty hi-low dress with gladiator heels. She didn't have any makeup on since she knew I didn't like it. I was wearing my nicest tuxedo. I had made her favourite meal and had planned everything out perfectly right to the smallest detail.

J: Harry, this is beautiful
H: Not as beautiful as you

I kissed her hand and after we had finished eating it was about 8pm so I put her favourite song on (Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars) and sang it to her. She blushed. She looks so cute when she blushes. We started dancing to loads of slow songs really close together and I was really loving it and hopefully she was too.

H: Jess, I have something to tell you
J: What is it?
H: I love you
J: Aww Harry. Is this why you put all this together?
H: Yes.
J: I love you too and I can honestly say that I've never loved anyone before I loved you

Then we passionatly kissed for a bit. The whole night was perfect.
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