The Marriage 101 Project

When you're fake-married to someone you hate it's definately not raindrops and roses but can real feelings be made from fake ones?


7. Harry, where are you?

Jess' POV

I woke up and I realised last night wasn't a dream. I was actually in Holmes Chapel where Harry is from and he actually told me he loved me. I turned over to look at Harry sleeping but he wasn't there so I sat up and started panicking. I kept screaming his name until I realised I could smell pancakes downstairs. If Anne is downstairs I am going to lose it. She promised me and Harry could be alone for the weekend. I crept downstairs hoping it was Harry. Thank god it was! He was in the kitchen cooking pancakes for us. I only knew because as soon as one of the stairs creaked Harry said 'Good Morning Beautiful' so a bit in relief and a bit in shock I replied 'Good Morning handsome?'

H: Was what you just said a question, babe?

J: No. No it wasn't.

I was really nervous so I started twiddling my thumbs and since Harry could hear the nervousness in my voice he turned around and gave me a hug.

H: I get why you're nervous. You thought my mum was here didn't you?

J: Partly because of that.

H: What was the other bit?

J: I thought erm.......I thought.........

Then I burst into tears, ran up the stairs and locked the bedroom door so I could have a little cry to myself.


Harry's POV

What did I say? I put the pancakes on the table and ran after Jess I got to the bedroom door just as she locked it. You could hear her crying from stood outside the bedroom door.

H: Jess, what's wrong?

J: Nothing Styles.


STYLES? Is she starting that again?


H: Why did you just call me Styles?

J: I don't know. I'm sorry.


Then you could hear even more sobbing.


H: It doesn't matter. Jess, you know I love you so please tell me what's wrong.

J: I can't Harry. I just can't.

H: Jess please just tell me.

J: Harry I...

H: Please just open the door.


Then she unlocked it and let me in.


Jess' POV

I decided I had to tell him so I went and unlocked the door eventhough I probably looked a nightmare

H: Please just tell me what's making you upset?

J: This morning, When I woke up you weren't here.

H: So?

J: I panicked and I kept calling your name and you didn't answer. I thought you'd ran off

H: You have to believe me. I will never ever run away from you. I said I love you last night.

J: I just panicked and I knew how upset you'd be if I told you.

H: Right, Jess, look at me


Then he lifted my chin up so I was looking straight into his sparking emerald green eyes.


H: I love you and I always will no matter what. You are the first person I have ever loved.

J: I-I

H: and Jess, this is not about the marriage project this is true love. I honestly love you.

J: I honestly love you too but I thought you'd be mad and you would've stormed off

H: I wouldn't. Not on you. Last night was the best night of my life and I hope it was yours too.

J: Harry it was. Trust me. It definately was. I just

H: Panicked. I know.


I then giggled and he wiped away my leftover tears and then we kissed again. He lifted me up bridal style and made his way to the stairs with me still in his arms.


J: Is this safe? Carrying me down the stairs?

H: I promise I won't drop you. Trust me?


I looked straight into his eyes and told him I did. He then smiled a big adorable dimpled smile and his green eyes were sparkling again. My heart was thumping with love for him.


J: You can go down now.

H: Was waiting for your permission.


He then carried me down the stairs and placed me on one of the chairs at the table.


H: So, Pancakes?

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