The Marriage 101 Project

When you're fake-married to someone you hate it's definately not raindrops and roses but can real feelings be made from fake ones?


2. Harry not Styles

Jess' POV


YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! Just great. I'm Mrs Jess Styles for the next month. I admit the name has a nice ring to it but anyway I wonder what the first challenge is as a married couple. Dolly told us to sit next to our partner so I rolled my eyes and went and sat next to Harry.


H: *whispers* Jess, I will try and behave for the next month

J: *whispers* Thank you


Then he started twiddling with my hair.


D: Right, we have to have marriage ceremonies. For the next month you have no other classes



Oh my god! I turned around to Louis and put a finger to my lips. He sat back down.


D: The first 5 weddings will be tomorrow. You have to buy everything yourselves.

H: *whispers* don't worry, Jess, you can borrow some of my money

D: The weddings tomorrow will be Jason's, Louis', Zayn's, Liam's and Niall's in that order.

H: When are the rest of them?

D: On Wednesday, you have Lucas', Daniel's, Gary's, Fred's and Trevor's.

H: *whispers* ours is on Thursday then

D: The rest are on Thursday. Harry and Jess' is last.

J: What do we have to do until our marriage ceremonies?

D: You have to go out for meals, live together and do everything else fiancees do together.


Just as she said that the bell went, Harry grabbed hold of my hand and we walked to his car.


H: Have to do it. Sorry Jess.

J: It's alright Harry

H: Wait. You just called me Harry instead of Styles like you normally do.

J: Does it matter?

H: No. I like it.


Then he smiled and he sort of looked cute. He opened the car door for me, he's such a gentleman, and we set off to his house.

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