The Marriage 101 Project

When you're fake-married to someone you hate it's definately not raindrops and roses but can real feelings be made from fake ones?


12. A Day With Nialler #Nessie

Niall's POV

It's 9am and I'm already awake (this is so unlike me) I'm so excited! I opened the window and I noticed it's raining again. Damn it! We can just chill here all day instead of doing everything I had planned then. I am still going to take her shopping though. I texted her and this was our text conversation


<From Nialler To Jessie>

Hey, sorry if I woke you but since it's raining everthing I planned had to be cancelled. Are we alright to just chill at my house?


<From Jessie To Nialler>

I've already been up for an hour and it doesn't matter what we do as long as I get to spend time with you.


<From Nialler to Jessie>

Aww. Thats so sweet. What time do you want me to pick you up?


<From Jessie To Nialler>

ASAP and do I need to bring anything?


<From Nialler To Jessie>

Just your beautiful self. I'm on my way now


<From Jessie To Nialler>



When I got to Jessie's house you could hear arguing coming from inside. I texted Jessie to tell her I was here and she literally came running out straight away. As soon as she got into the car she said hi then gave me a kiss and we set off back to my house. We played Black Ops for about an hour and then it stopped raining so we went to see Cocktail at the cinemas. It was hilarious! Me and Jess had a popcorn fight and when I tried to take some of Jessie's malteasers after I had finished mine she said 'Nialler I don't share food' told you she was perfect for me didn't I? After that we went shopping and tried on loads of different outfits. Me and Jessie found loads of funny sunglasses so when I put on the palm tree ones and Jessie put on the sandal ones we burst into fits of laughter. We bought the palm tree and sandal shaped sunglasses and  I bought her one of the dresses she tried on and loved. She asked what it was for so I told her that we are going clubbing. She loved the idea and the blue dress matched her eyes. One guy tried flirting with her so there was a fight between me and him which ended in me getting knocked out and everything going black.....


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