Can't Believe The Words Came Out of Your Mouth

This is the story of a girl meeting her dream date during one of the strangest most memorable days of her life. There is just one question, will her dream relationship last or will the five year age difference and him being on tour with his band ruin it all?


4. Meeting The Boys

Niall opened the door for me. "Wow", i said in a kind-of whisper. "Come on in", i heard a voice say in a slow British accent that obviously belonged to THE Harry Styles. Niall told me to make myself at home so he could introduce me to the rest if the band. I made myself comfortable on a couch beside what was a One Direction icon. It was KEVIN, Louis' "pet" bird.

Just as i sat down, the other three guys walked in. Niall said, "Boys, i want you to meet Abby.", she is obviously a fan and she is our newest opponent in our golf match." "Nice to meet you guys", i said.

The five boys introduced themselves one by on, starting with Louis. "Hello I'm Louis a.k.a., the leader", he said while striking a superman pose."Hi, I'm Zayn", I couldnt helo but notice his bradford bad boy black leather jacket. "Hey, i'm Liam". All i can say is wow, even his voice is soft, just like his heart. "And i'm Harry!", his hair looking as curly as ever.

"Well boys, i am a HUGE fan. And as much as i dont want to see you guys upset, i am about to kick your butts at golf." Everybody laughed. "Okay now, but seriously, j need to run by my house first so can get my golf clubs and then we'll go play golf." "Sounds good", Niall answered.
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