Can't Believe The Words Came Out of Your Mouth

This is the story of a girl meeting her dream date during one of the strangest most memorable days of her life. There is just one question, will her dream relationship last or will the five year age difference and him being on tour with his band ruin it all?


5. Is This Really Happening

I lodged my key into the lock. I through open the door and tore through the house like wildfire. I ran towards my room, when i go there i ripped open my closet doors, and reached for my best golf outfit: my sleeveless nike, blue collared shirt, and my black skort. I through on my golf shoes and spritzed myself with perfume. I grabbed my golf clubs and ran back towards the door.

When i reached the bus, i was about to open the door when i was greeted by the sight of Niall. He said, "Welcome Aboard!", and then laughed. Awww, that laugh.

I climbed the steps of the bus and took my seat beside Kevin. Niall sat down beside me. "The lads are getting ready.", he said. "Okay, itll be about twenty minutes before we get to the course anyway, so thats fine."

"", Niall said. "Yeah?", i asked. " i know that this is kind of odd, but theres something about you. Something good, but different." "What do you mean?", i asked stunned.he replied, "I guess you could say that you have that 'One Thing'", he said. We both laughed. He continued, " Abby, i know im nineteen and you're fourteen, but would you consider going on a date
with me?" I just sat there. Did he really just say that? Did Niall Horan just ask me out? Omigosh, he did!!!

"Niall, yes i WILL go out with you."
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