Can't Believe The Words Came Out of Your Mouth

This is the story of a girl meeting her dream date during one of the strangest most memorable days of her life. There is just one question, will her dream relationship last or will the five year age difference and him being on tour with his band ruin it all?


3. Is This Really Happening?

I ran out into the parking lot, screaming like a wild woman. "MOM! MOM! MOM!" I got to the bike and i was hyperventilating. "Whats wrong Abby, are you okay?!?", my mom asked in an alarmed voice. " I am better than okay! THE Niall Horan just asked me to go golfing with him and the rest of One Direction at Dogwood! I'm going to ride in there bus and help them get there, but first im going to run home so i can get my clubs." " Whoa,whoa, whoa. Who said you could go?", my mom teased. "PLEASE", i begged. "Fine call me when you finish youre game me and Sarah are going to go on and shop." "THANK YOU"

I ran towards the bus and met Niall at the door. I told him that i would need to stop at my house and get my clubs, but then we would be on our way. He replied with a simple, "Okay.", and a laugh. Omigosh! That laugh.
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