Can't Believe The Words Came Out of Your Mouth

This is the story of a girl meeting her dream date during one of the strangest most memorable days of her life. There is just one question, will her dream relationship last or will the five year age difference and him being on tour with his band ruin it all?


7. All in All

It was the ninth hole. My brother was on his way to pick me up. And One Direction and i were putting for the win. One by one, the boys fell out of the running for winner of the game until it came down to Niall and i. It was my turn to putt. I two putted. The only wat Niall could beat me was if he one putted. I walked over to the Irish cutie and gave him a hug. " good luck", i sang and giggled. There was almost no chance of Niall making this shot. There were divetts, sand, and water blocking his putt.

He slowly swung his putter back. He eased the club forward and tapped the ball. NO WAY! I exclaimed. The ball glided through the water, hopped over the divetts, and tore through the sand. I was in utter shock as i watched the ball disappear into the hole in the green. "You have got to be kidding me!", i laughed.

Niall just smiled. He stood there smiling and i couldnt help but smile too. This has been a crazy day, and to top it off, im going on a date with Niall tonight. How can me, a young girl from the middle of nowhere be so lucky? And to top it all off, i cannot believe those words came out of Nialls mouth.
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