Can't Believe The Words Came Out of Your Mouth

This is the story of a girl meeting her dream date during one of the strangest most memorable days of her life. There is just one question, will her dream relationship last or will the five year age difference and him being on tour with his band ruin it all?


1. A Rough Start

"Abby, do you want to go to town with me?" "Yeah, i'll get Sarah and we'll go get in the car." "Okay, I'm coming", said Abby's mother.

As Sarah and I got into the car I couldn't help but continue my daydreams about my favorite band: ONE DIRECTION. I've been having dreams, day and night, about those boys. They are so amazing, so talented, so... Irish and British.

"Abby, quit dreaming about One Direction", Sarah said. "I'm about to have an intervention for you." "Get over it Sarah." My mom climbed into the car and turned the key. VRROOM CLUNK CLUNK. "What the heck?" The car wouldn't start. "Omigosh, i just want to go shopping!" "Its okay Abby, we'll just have to find another way to get there.", mom tried to reassure me. "Oh yeah, and what exactly are we going to use to get there?" "How about the three seater", Sarah chimed in. "Well, its probably out best bet.", Mom added. "Ughhh, fine!" I just want to see if there is anymore 1D merchandise at the mall." "Well, then hop on because we've got some peddling to do.",Mom said.

I cant believe i am doing this. But, can you blame a directioner for wanting to check to see if any new merchandise was available? My point exactly. I climbed onto the bike, and we took off.
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