Into the Country

Hello my name is Hunter Maxwell and i am 18 and a bit. I live on the countey side of Ierland, I live in a nice size house with a huge riding stable, oh I almost forgot im a rodeo star. my dad is a photographer for big time people like lady gaga and katy parry and meny more but today he is getting new clients. one direction i think they are called and they are coming to our ranch for a few week so my dad can get to know them. I can't wait to meet them (will Hunter fall for one of the boys or will they fall for her?)


1. well hello

Hunters P.O.V

it was about 7:00 am when my father yell at me to get up and dressed he was saying somethink about 5 lads coming over in an hour. I growled out of bed and walked over to my closet and grabed a nice pair of jeans with rips down the legs then i throw on a plan white tank top and walked to the bathroom and stuck my hair in a messy bun, I walked out to the kicthen where my dad was makind some pancakes

"morning sweety" he smiled looking over his shoulder "morning " Dan (my father) walked over with a small plate with two pancakes on it and placed it infront of me then some butter i grabed some butter and rubed it on my cakes and ate the both. I got up and placed my plate in the sink "im going to feed the animals "i yelled then slowly walked out of the house and jumped on the 4 wheeler and drove down to the barn when i got there i jumped off and opened a huge sliding door to see two rows of horses heads turn to look at me i said my good mornings and feed them there hay. An SUV pulled up our driveway so i jumped back on the4 wheeler and back to the house i went. when i got to the house five lads stood at my door just about to knock

"hello there"they all looked in my direction with a smile "you guys must be one direction'' ''rigth you are" a blonde boy steped forward ''well im Hunter and you guys are " i asked ''well im Niall thats Harry, Liam, Louis and Zyan '' a blonde headed boy pointed to all the boy, they all smiled and waved " my dad is inside waiting for you in side ....ill bring you bags to the you rooms" they all nodded and went in side...

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