Kiara and Alex have always been the best of friends. Well there more then friends there cousins. Right after they finished collage they decided to move to London from there hometown of Detroit, Michigan. When they move to London they meet many new people inducing the boys of One Direction and fall in love when who they love is going away and trying to pull them apart.


3. Hair Spray and LOVE?


 Alex's POV:

"WOW" Kiara said. "That was wow."

"Oh my gosh I know right we actually met them and sung and hung out with them! I swear I was dreaming!" I said back.

When me and Kiara got home we were so excited we both got ready for bed and then talked the rest of the night. We were still freaking out from early that day. We could not wait to start our new jobs. A cool thing about our new jobs is we get to travel with them on tours and meet all of there fans! 

After hours of freaking out we finely fell asleep. We woke up to our alarms at 10:30 and got ready for a dress rehearsal of make up, hair styling and outfits choosing. 



My outfit had to be perfect. I mean I was making One Direction look good so I had to look good to. When we got there, we were early for once! We started getting our makeup and hair stuff ready and they came in. I had Zayn and Louis, Kiara had Niall and Liam, And we both were going to work on Harry. I had Zayn first and Kiara had Niall.

Harry's POV:

I was sitting on the couch outside of the "salon" and texting a girl I had met last night at a bar I went to when suddenly I heard Alex scream "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK THAT YOU LIKE YOUR HAIR SPRAY WARM IT IS WHAT IT IS AND I AM NOT MICROWAVING IT!" 

"WELL THEN I AM NOT WEARING IT!" Zayn yelled back. Then I heard an ear piercing scream and Zayn yell " MY EYES!!!!" And then I saw Zayn run out of the room holding his eyes and screaming, and Alex come out of the room looking hella pissed and holding the hair spray can while yelling "when your done washing out your eyes come back in." and then Alex looked at me and Louis and and asked "who's next"  in a very creepy tone. But then Kiara ran out from her room and yelled "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU! THERE FAMOUS!"

"WELL HE WAS ACTING BITCHY!" she yelled back. And that was the day me and all of the boys knew not to get on the wrong side of Alex.

Alex's POV:

I have always been known for over acting, being smart ass and being a bitch about every thing so I knew I need to say I was sorry or things would just get worse. I went up to Zayn's dressing room and knocked quietly.

"Open" he said.

"I'm really sorry" I said as I walked in.

  "It's okay" he said while texting someone on his couch. "I know you meant it not in a mean way if possible and I know your here to make me look a little better then I already do so yeah."

"So no hard feelings?" I said awkwardly.

"Yeah no hard feelings" He said back. 

So I left his room and then it was time to "makeover" Louis. He sat in the chair and started ranting about how I had to do his makeup right or less he would look like a pregnant gorilla with no hair. Well I think that's what he said but I wasn't really listening and I can't hear very well. When I was done I looked at him.

"Wow" I said. 

"What?" he said back. 

"You look..." "hot" all the boys said at the same time. 

"Yeah" I said embarrassedly.

"What took you so long?" Kiara said.

"Well you know it takes me forever to do make up and stuff!" I said back.

It was almost time too go when I noticed that Niall kept on staring at Kiara and when ever she would look his way he would look at his phone and start eating his chips again.

"Oooooo" I whispered to Kiara "he likes youuuu."

"No he doesn't." she said while blushing.

It was time to go and we said good bye and we got into my car. I started driving and I asked Kiara "What did you guys talk about." 

"Nothing much" she said and started blushing again.

"TELL MEEEEE!" I said.

"Fine we talked about how he likes One Direction and how we moved hear and stuff like that." She said. After a long pause she asked. "Well what did you and Louis talk about. I saw him looking at you too!" 

"Really!?" I said back. "He did most of the talking I just said yeah, cool, oh and other stuff like that."

The rest of the car ride was spent listening to music. When we got home we both got ready for bed  said goodnight and fell right asleep. That was one exhausting day...  


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