Kiara and Alex have always been the best of friends. Well there more then friends there cousins. Right after they finished collage they decided to move to London from there hometown of Detroit, Michigan. When they move to London they meet many new people inducing the boys of One Direction and fall in love when who they love is going away and trying to pull them apart.


1. Final Exams and Final Goodbyes?

Kiara's POV:

"Alex! Get your butt down here!" I called. 

"Just one second!" She yelled back. "I just have to finish straitening my hair! It would look weird if only one side was strait." 

"Fine," I laughed. As usual, we would be late. Alex always takes FOREVER to get ready in the morning. And of course today was the first day of the final exams. And we hadn't studied much. So we were screwed. 

About 10 minutes later, Alex was ready. And we were 5 minutes late. We walked into class in the middle of Mr. Kendall explaining the rules of the test and sat down. The whole class was looking at us. Staring at us, actually. 

"Girls, this is the 3rd time this week. You know what this means," Mr. Kendall said to us. We did now. Too well, actually. It usually happened about once or twice every two weeks. A 1,000 word essay about why we shouldn't be late and how we can fix it.

Alex's POV:


"Finally" I yelled at the top of my lungs it was the last day collage! Now me and Kiara could move to our dream city London. And experience the life as adults. Nether of us liked America much and nether of us had boyfriends so we weren't really leaving anything behind excepted our family.

When we got to the airport we were so excited and we had sooo much stuff. Even though it was 10 hour flight (yes it got delayed that's what we get for getting a cheap flight!) when we got there it was sooooooooo beautiful we dropped are stuff of at are expensive flat. (our parents and grandparents had payed for it because they really wanted us to live no where near home because we ruined every thing that they EVER got) and got ready for a day out in the city.



---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry this is so short just this is just our first chapter! LUV YALL'S <3 Marisa & Julia 


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