Kiara and Alex have always been the best of friends. Well there more then friends there cousins. Right after they finished collage they decided to move to London from there hometown of Detroit, Michigan. When they move to London they meet many new people inducing the boys of One Direction and fall in love when who they love is going away and trying to pull them apart.


2. Boys, Girls, and Sexy Unicorns?

The Boys:
"Hey, Lou, come here for a sec!" Harry called out into the empty-exept-Harry-and-Louis flat. The rest of the lads were out doing... Harry didn't know what.
He was on his phone and had seen a Larry edit that was so funny and untrue, but so realistic looking and he knew Louis would love it. "Louis!!!!! Come, come!!!!!" He yelled again. "Or did you ditch me?"
"No, Haz, I'm right here. What did you want to show me?" In came Louis, a carrot in hand and he walked (or more strutted) over the the sofa Harry Styles was sitting at. He sat down and put his chin on his shoulder.
"What do you think if this?"
Louis found it hilarious, apparently, and was rolling around on the floor, snorting bits of carrot out of his nose. Harry wondered what made him laugh like that. He guessed it was the fact that this picture of him and Harry making out was so believable. And it was. But both boys knew it wasn't true, and so they could laugh as much as they wanted at it.
Liam, Niall, and Zayn were at the mall. Zayn was admiring himself in the mirror, Niall was admiring his food from the food court, and Liam was watching the two of them. If was basically his job to make sure the two boys didn't get into any trouble. Of course, he didn't need to, there were body guards around, protecting them from the fans that followed them around EVERYWHERE. The lads still weren't used to it, even though it had been two years as a band. One girl screamed "LIAM!!!!!!!!!!" So loudly, he thought his ear drums would burst, if they hadn't already.
Zayn, however was able to ignore all the ruckus somehow, and he was checking out a new top. He went into a changing room and started changing his top. He almost felt peaceful, with the familiar smell of store and the floor-to-ceiling mirror. Eyes on himself, he took off the top and flexed.
But just then, a girl burst into the changing room and all peace was gone. She screamed louder then ever and went and tried to rip his pants off.
"Woah, kid," Zayn said and pushed her back. "There's only enough me for me. No one else."
She screamed and was able to wiggle out of his grip and tried again. But Zayn was saved by Paul. He came running into the dressing room and pulled the girl away from him.
"Sorry I couldn't get here sooner. They were almost going to break through, and so I had to-" but Paul was cut off by more screaming outside and the other body guards yelling. It seemed the mob had broken through.

Kiara's POV:
"Are you sure we were supposed to meet them here?" Alex asked.
"That's what the letter said," I replied.
When we were in college, we were doing classes for fashion/makeup, and we were supposed to meet our first clients here. Apparently , they were celebrities, so we were in for a treat.
And that's when we heard the screaming. We looked at each other and said "that's them."
But we really got exited when we heard a girl scream "OMG IT'S NIALL ZAYN AND LIAM!!!!!!!!!!"
"No way," Alex said.
"It can't be," I gasped.
"Our clients are One Direction."
After we got over the shock, we headed to the screaming and saw a mob of girls around Forever 21 and we knew they were in there, unless the store was having a 150% off sale, which I had never heard of before, so I figured not.
"How will we get to them? They're surrounded by fans!" Alex said.
"Well, thank you Captain Obvious," I said. "And to answer your question..."
Alex looked at me expectantly.
"I have no idea."
"God damn it!" Alex yelled. I wanted to yell the same thing.
So I did.
"Ha, ha I think we scared some people," Alex said to me.
"That's it!" I cried. "Alex, you know how to scare people. So do your job well."
Alex thought for a minute and finally said "I know what I'll do."
And then she collapsed.
Then, she started screaming bloody murder.
Everyone who could hear us turned, and trust me, that was a lot of people.
Me, being the quick thinker I am, said "there's no reason to be alarmed. This happens sometimes. She can.. Um... Feel things sometimes. Like, in her blood. And whatever she sees comes true, so you might want to listen."
Just then, Alex went still, her eyes closed. But they snapped open, but you could only see the whites of her eyes, and she started speaking in a low, raspy voice. She was actually starting to scare me, even though I knew it was just an act. But now, we had basically the whole crowds attention.
"A killer," Alex said, in her creepy voice. "A killer, here, at the mall. They are here and they will kill every one of you if you don't get out. The band will get out safely, if you leave now. Other wise, they, along with you yourself will be killed. So leave. Leave now, and you might just see those three boys again. But if you don't, leave, they will be killed and the other two will be devastated and stop the will to live. You have been warned."
Then, she closed her eyes, and went still. So I took charge.
"Alright, people, you heard her. Everyone out if you don't want to be killed. I'll take care of her," (I kicked Alex softly) "and the body guards will take care of the boys."
Alex's little "show" had the 1/2 desired effect on the crowd. They left, sure, but thy left a disaster after them. Everyone in the mall was running and shouting and basically going insane. But we could worry about that later. We had some boys to meet.
I helped Alex to her feet. "That was pretty... interesting what you did out there," I said.
"'Interesting' is my specialty," she replied with a smile, "but for now, we should get to those boys. And our first clients.
We pushed through the crowd and to the entrance to the store to get to the three boys, who were just standing there, staring at us. The body guards tried to stop us from going through, but we told them who we are, and the note our manager gave us.
"Oh, it's you," they said, rather grumpily. "Two girls are the reason we had to do this. You can go see them." And they let us through their wall of buffness.
On the outside, I was trying to be cool, but on the inside I was dying from excitement.
Let me tell you, that in real life, these three boys of One Direction we had met so far are as hot/gorgeous/cute as in pictures, if not more. I was biting my thumb so hard, it would probably start to bleed soon. I looked over at Alex, and saw she was doing the same, but with her lip.
"Umm..." I said, trying to break the uncomfortable silence.
"So you're our hair stylists slash makeup doers?" Liam said.
We just nodded in response.
"That was quite an interesting... thing you did out there," Zayn said to Alex.
"Thank you," Alex said, trying not to scream. Zayn Malik of One Direction had just complemented her, and I admit, I was jealous.
And it was still extremely  akquard.
I looked around, trying to look anywhere but at the boys. I was afraid I would shriek if I did. Alex and I are pretty hard-core Directioners, and this was our dream come true to meet them. And now we were. In a mall. Surrounded by running, screaming people. And, of course, it was now I was getting the munchies, and Niall's food (which he still had after all that commotion) was looking pretty good right then. In an involuntary movement, I looked in the direction of the food court.
Liam asked, "are you hungry?" I blushed. I guess he saw. And Niall saw too, and he pulled his food closer to his chest and eyed me, as if daring to touch it. And that he would bite off my hand if I did.
"We can buy you something to eat if you want," Liam said.
"Uh, no. That's okay."
We fell into another chasm of uncomfortableness.
Alex, tired of this, practically yelled "DOES ANYONE HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY?!?"
The boys laughed and I said "God, Alex, sass much?"
"Louis would be proud," Zayn said, and the boys fell into fits of giggles again.
"If you boys have anything to say, just say it," I told them.
"I want more food!" Niall yelled.
"Niall, that's your fifth thing of French Fries, and these girls probably haven't eaten anything," Liam frowned at him.
"And anyway, You're the only person here that actually likes that stuff," Zayn teased, and Niall blushed. The atmosphere in here was friendlier ready, all because of Alex's outburst.
Just then, Liam got a text.
"Hold on," he said, and got out his phone. "Oh! It's from Louis. 'Wen r u comin bak' is what it says." He texted back a reply.
"What'd you say," Niall said, peeking over his shoulder.
"I just told him we would be back soon, maybe in a half an hour," Liam replied.
"Which will probably end up being more like 1 hour with Zayn here," Niall said, patting the guy on the shoulder.
"Shut up, man!" Zayn yelled back.
"Hey, it's true!" He yelled right back.
"WILL YOU BOTH BE QUITE?!?" Alex yelled back, louder then the two of them.
They shut up immediately.
"Okay, then. As long as we're here, we might as well shop. Lets go to... you know, let's just stay here." It was a big store, and you didn't just see all of it at the entrance. You actually have to go inside and look.
We all kind of went off into our own direction (but there's only One Direction hahahaha I'm so funny I made myself laugh) to take a look.
After about 20 minutes looking around, (very slowly, mind you) I found the best thing ever.
A sexy unicorn.
So, like any reasonable person would do, I texted Alex.
'omfg best thing evr com now'
And she texted back 'wat is it' and I said 'ull see :D' 'can i bring niall with hes here' 'sure y not'
So that was how, 5 minutes later, 3 teenagers ended up fawning over a sparkly, pink, amazingly sexy unicorn.
And that's what we did until Liam texted Niall saying 'were r u nialler u were suposed to b here 10 minutes ago nd i cnt find the grls we relly need there #s ps zayn wants a talk' and he replied 'im with the grls we got lost track of time srry' and we got back to the store front. Liam and Zayn were there, waiting.
"Who takes forever now?" Zayn said to Niall, poking him in the chest. "You were 10 minutes late. So you can't blame me now! Ha!" And he walked away to the exit.
"I'm never going to hear the end of this," Niall muttered to Alex and me, and we laughed as we walked out of the mall and went to the car.
As we were driving home, I said "come on Alex! Crank us some tunes!" Alex, who was riding motioned for Niall to do it, who was riding shotgun. And I was in the back, sitting window side next to Liam.
"Ugh! I don't want to!" Niall complained. He was slouching down and munching on chips he had in the car with him.
"Music! Music! Music!" Zayn started chanting. Liam joined in, and so did I.
"Ugh! You win!" Alex told us, and we cheered.
When she turned it on, it was in the middle of a commercial for Verizon Wireless.
"BLAH BLAH BLAH GET US SOME MUSIC!!!!" Zayn cried. As if in response, the commercial ended and music started playing. It was I Knew You Were Trouble. by Taylor Swift.
"See, even the radio loves me," Zayn smiled.
We were all jamming in the car, and the volume was up as loud as it could be. And then, What Makes You Beautiful came on.
Everyone started cheering and Alex did some sort of "Whoop!" thing. The boys were all singing their parts and Alex and I filled in the rest.
"YOU DON'T KNOW, OH OH! YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!!" We belted out. People in the other cars looked at us funny, but we didn't care. We were having way too much fun.
After the song ended, we pulled up to the flat and the boys got out.
"Oh, you girls can come inside. You haven't met Harry or Louis yet," Liam said to us.
"Listen, we'd love to, but it's getting a little late. We'll call you of something in the morning..." Alex said. We really didn't want to leave these wonderful boys, but it was almost 8:30, so we said our goodbyes and left.

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